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aliens vs predator cheats



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Aliens vs Predator cheats

aliens vs predator cheats

Firstly: You must have the AvP save-game patch installed.

Secondly: Add -lampcxtr -debug to the command line.
ie: "C:\Fox\Aliens Versus Predator" -lampcxtr -debug
Then when in the mission press the tilde (~) key to bring down the console and then you can type the following codes:

"QUICKSAVE"/"QUICKLOAD" which always save/load to/from the first save slot.
"SAVE #"/"LOAD #" (# is a number from 1-8) which save/load to/from slot number #. "SAVESLEFT" displays how many saves the player has remaining in the current level at the current difficulty. This number is also displayed any time a game is saved or loaded.

Normal Console Commands and Variables

The following CONSOLE VARIABLES are made available (replace the # sign with a number), in-game help is available by typing the "LISTVAR" command at the console:

"MOTIONTRACKERVOLUME" - this is set at its maximum of 1.0 by default, the volume of the tracker can be reduced by changing this number (e.g. to 0.75 or0.5).
"CROUCHMODE" - this new console command allows players to change the Aliens crouch/crawl to a toggle on/off key by typing "CROUCHMODE 1" at the console. "CROUCHMODE 0" changes back to the default setting.

Debugging Console Commands and Variables

Advanced users may now access some of the game's internal debugging commands (which include features such as immortality) by running the game with the command line option "-debug" (e.g. "AVP.exe -debug").

In this mode Multiplayer is not available, levels will not be flagged as completed, and no new official cheat modes will become available. This basically means that players can examine a level to which they already have access with invulnerability, infinite weapons, etc. but can't open up any new game levels or features.

The following CONSOLE COMMANDS are made available by this option, in-game help is available by typing in "LISTCMD" at the console:

"GOD" - makes the player immortal: player will still take damage, but will not die when they reach zero health.
"GIVEALLWEAPONS" - self-explanatory.
"SHOWFPS" - displays the current frame-rate per second on-screen.
"SHOWPOLYCOUNT" - displays the number of rendered polygons per frame on-screen.
"LIGHT" - creates a light source near the player. Repeated use makes a brighter and brighter light.
"GIMME_CHARGE" - Full Energy for Predator

Bot console commands:

"ALIENBOT" - creates an Alien in front of the player.
"MARINEBOT #" - creates a Marine (or civilian) of type #.
"PREDOBOT #" - creates a Predator of type #.
"PREDALIENBOT" - creates a Predator-Alien.
"PRAETORIANBOT" - creates a Praetorian Alien.
"XENOBORG" - creates a Xenoborg.

Note: creating bots may cause crashes and unexpected game behavior. For a bot to be created its model must exist in the current level; however, the models may be forced to be loaded through a command line option. Add "-l" followed by a list of letters corresponding to the characters you want to load:

The following CONSOLE VARIABLES are made available (replace the # sign with a number), in-game help is available by typing the "LISTVAR" command at the console:

"MOTIONTRACKERSPEED" - allows the player to speed up/slow down the pulse rate of the Marine's motion tracker (range from 0-16, default is 1).
"TIMESCALE #" - change the rate at which time flows in the game, e.g. "TIMESCALE 0.5" will make time pass at half the normal speed. For those interested, the "JohnWooMode" cheat uses this effect dynamically, so that time passes slower the more action is happening on screen.
"WIREFRAMEMODE #" - display the environment and/or characters using wireframe graphics.
"DOPPLERSHIFT #" - enable/disable the Doppler shifting on the Alien player's sounds.
"SKY_RED #" - change the red component in a sky.
"SKY_GREEN #" - change the green component in a sky.
"SKY_BLUE #" - change the blue component in a sky.
"LEANSCALE #" - change the amount the camera tilts when side-stepping.

In order to get these cheats you must earn them as described below.

NAUSEA: The entire screen shakes and moves, causing, well, nausea. To acquire NAUSEA, you must defeat the second Alien level, Escape, in less than two minutes.

PIPECLEANER: All characters are shown as pipecleaners, or as their skeletons. To acquire PIPECLEANER, you must defeat the third Alien level, Ferarco, with 15 dead civilian head bites.

MOTIONBLUR: Makes the screen blurry. To acquire MOTIONBLUR, you must defeat the fourth Alien level, Gateway, in under four and a half minutes with an average speed of 9 m/s or greater.

MIRROR: Mirrors your display of the level. To acquire MIRROR, you must defeat the fifth Alien level, Earthbound, with one live Predator head bite.

JOHNWOOMODE: When you attack or are attacked, the game slows down. To acquire JOHNWOOMODE, you must defeat the first Marine level, Derelict, with 80 percent head shots.

GRENADE: Stocks your Pulse Rifle with 99 grenades (but no bullets). To acquire GRENADE, you must defeat the second Marine level, Colony, with 40 percent accuracy.

WARPSPEED: Run very fast. To acquire WARPSPEED, you must defeat the third Marine level, Invasion, in less than four minutes.

LANDOFTHEGIANTS: Makes you very small. To acquire LANDOFTHEGIANTS, you must defeat the fourth Marine level, Orbital, using less than 20 shots.

SLUGTRAIL: Causes all Aliens to crawl on the floor because they have no legs. To acquire SLUGTRAIL, you must defeat the fifth Marine level, Tyrargo, with 32 Alien kills.

SUPERGORE: Ups the level of blood and gore. To acquire SUPERGORE, you must defeat the second Predator level, Area 52, with 25 marine trophies.

BALLSOFFIRE: Enemies are always on fire. To acquire BALLSOFFIRE, you must defeat the fourth Predator level, Fury 161, with 40 Alien kills.

RAINBOWBLOOD: Causes the lights, smoke and blood effects to be rainbows. To acquire RAINBOWBLOOD, you must defeat the fifth Predator level, Caverns, and be spotted less than 15 times.

IMPOSSIBLEMISSION: Causes the game to be more difficult because you take more damage. To acquire IMPOSSIBLEMISSION, you must defeat the second Alien bonus level with 20 live marine head bites.

TICKERTAPE: Aliens all have a trail following them. To acquire TICKERTAPE, you must defeat the first Predator bonus level, Invasion, with 15 alien trophies.

TRIPTASTIC: Causes the screen to be blurry, jittering, and rainbow. To acquire TRIPTASTIC, you must defeat the second Predator bonus level, Escape, with 10 civilian trophies.

PIGSTICKING: Gives the Predator's Spear gun unlimited ammo and multifire. To acquire PIGSTICKING, you must defeat the first Predator level, Waterfall, with 80 percent accuracy.

SNIPERMUNCH: Alien gains long-distance jaw attack. To acquire the SNIPERMUNCH, you must defeat the first Alien level, Temple, and score 10 live civilian head bites.

Infinite Grenades in Co-Op Mode
Start a Co-Op game on a level of your choice. Choose Marine-Grenade as your class. You have three classes of grenades: Normal, Frag, and Proximity Mine. Shoot off all rounds of your two least favorite types. After all of two types of grenades have been fired off, fire off all of your favorite type of grenade.

After you are completely out of grenade ammo, press the button you have set as secondary fire. You should now have a just about infinite amount of your favorite type of grenades.


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