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allan border's cricket cheats



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Allan Border's Cricket cheats

allan border's cricket cheats


During the game when the opponent hits the ball press ESC & the next delivery comes.

Savegame Cheat
Here is an editor cheat you can use to give your team 900 runs. Watch out, though, if you carry on after using the cheat and get 1000 runs, the game won't be able to handle your 4 digit number. I suggest you declare at 990.

Load the game, start a new match, choose to bat, complete the first over, save the game under the name HACK, and quit back to DOS again. Now load up your HEX editor, pop-up the file HACK0000.SAV, guide yourself to file offset 50, hex 32, and change the resident data there to 84 03. You may now write the changed data and re-load the game with your newly edited save-game-file for an easy win every time. This may also be done using Brian as a name.