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alone in the dark 3 solution



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Alone In The Dark 3 solution

alone in the dark 3 solution

Alone In The Dark 3 - Complete Solution

Before you enter the Saloon take the gas can to the right of the doors and then use
it on the camera generator to see a movie clip. Wander around the room and find
the oil can, the maraca, the key, and the box of matches. As you approach the bar
watch for the cowboy that appears above you - run backwards and forwards,
dodging the bullets until he leaves. Search the bar for the empty bottle, a flask,
and a bottle of alcohol. Throw the empty bottle and grab the coin, then use it in
the bar-room piano for some background info and a lamp.
Head back to the bar, face the skull and push the left horn to open the trap-door,
but watch for the guy that appears - remain behind the skull to shield yourself
from most bullets then go in for the kill when he runs out of ammo. Take the
playing card and the gold bullet he drops, use the oil with the lamp, use the
matches to light it then go down the trap-door.

Take the cane off the far wall and read the posters. Face the barrels and open the
left-hand one then step back and use the maraca to coax the snakes out of the
doorway. Now all you have to do is enter the new passage.

Take the stone from the bench, go to the cell door and use the cane with the keys.
A cowboy appears from the trap-door so kill him, then use the keys to open the
door - be quick, because the cowboy reappears. Throw the stone to find an amulet
(this protects you from the Pentagram on the floor), walk to the bottom of the
corridor and enter the room on the left. Give the bottle of alcohol to Lefty and
take the flask he drops. Go back to the Pentagram and enter the Sheriff's Office on
the right, take the Sheriff's badge from the desk and use the key on the gun case to
get a Winchester. Read the posters then exit (don't go into the room opposite as
there's only a bad guy in the fireplace), continue down the corridor into the large
room and push the wardrobe to block the doors. Search the wardrobe for a
shotgun then climb the rope ladder.

Take the whip then run towards the red beam, timing your run in between its
pulses to get the rope. Return the way you came and take the cast iron plate, using
it as a chest-plate. Take the bullet-belt for the gatling-gun, then use the gold bullet
in the Winchester and shoot Burris to get a bag of Scorpions. Keep walking and
find the gatling-gun, the fuse, and the flask. Return to the lift-shaft, shoot the door
with the gatling-gun and once inside use the Hangman's rope in order to breathe.
Drop the bag of Scorpions down the trap-door to open the main door, push the
lever to close the trap-door then pick up the dynamite and dried meat in the far
corner. Shoot the two cowboys and head back towards the barrel. The door will
close. Stand to the side of the view-port to avoid bullets, then use the fuse with the
dynamite. Next use it with the large crack in the wall near the barrel. Use the
matches to ignite it and then run behind the barrel. Walk through the hole and step
on the arrow icon to open a secret passage. Walk around and kill the next cowboy
you meet. Walk to the machinery, use the Sheriff's badge to fix it then face the
machinery and use the whip with the lever to open the door. Walk towards the
plank, take the flask and the bullets then run over the plank to the Saloon.

On the landing use matches to light the two lamps near the broken window. This
will open the door and you will receive a message. Go through the door and when
the vulture squawks and the ghost appears, use the meat with the clock to get a
token, take the flask near the painting then walk through the picture. Search the
dressing table for a 30/30 bullet, a bulb, and a pearl, then push the mirror for a
key. Take the arrow by the foot of the bed (use with the cupid figure) and the
night valet, then go back through the painting and out to the landing. Take the
ring near the hole and use it to get a diamond, then use the key to open the nearest
door. Pick up the diary, instructions, and flask off the floor then walk into the
Dragon statue. Use the diamond the obtain some bullets then exit the room
through the opening. Go to the open window and put the night valet in front of it.
Keep moving it slightly until the cowboy falls. Push open the window shutter and
climb through the window to the photo room. Take the shutter release,instruction
sheet, flask and key. Exit back through the window and head back to the landing.
Use the key on the last door then use the bulb with the shutter release and the
release with the flash before entering. Inside use the flash with the film reel on the
floor to kill the monster. Take the oil can, use the token with the piano, shoot the
target and then take the flask and war-stick found inside. A block should now
move opening a hole in the floor.

Use the oil can and the matches with the lamp to light it. Exit through the opening
and save your game before each jump. When you reach the Shaman use the war-
stick to pass by then take the cartridges and the key. Follow the blocks round to
the one with the symbol on it, jumping on all the blocks you find in order - jump
on the one to the right of the symbol and then back again. Now keep jumping
forward until you can't go any further, then use the amulet to escape.

Kill the two monsters and take the flask, top hat and key that are dropped and use
the key on the doors at the far end of the room. Search the library shelves for a
white book, a watchmakers manual, and a locked Navajo Traditions book (use the
key from the Shaman to open it). Take the pocket watch from the bust, use the
printing plate with the mirror to read it then exit back to the door by the silver
salts and use the pocket watch to unlock the door. Walk up to Morrison to get a
story-board, then use the top-hat on the bust of Abe Lincoln to get some
cartridges. Kill the zombie that attacks Morrison then shoot the window. You
should then exit via the window.

Use the war-stick with the round stone, go to the grave marked O.E.J and use with
the ace of diamonds to gain access to the kitchen. Take the oil can, the roll of
film, and the bag of pemmican. Use the oil can with the fireplace to open a secret
door. In the ballroom search the woman for cartridges, the man for a hammer,
then dodge the bullets as you head to the gramophone. Here you will find a guitar
string, a music score, and a safe key. Return to the kitchen, walk behind the
sideboard and through the door then use the 30/30 bullet in the next door lock and
use the hammer to explode it. In the dressing room take the blasting cap, map and
light bulb from the dressing table then go to the mounting table in the next room
and use the guitar string, light bulb, and the roll of film.
Use the music score with the table for the number 806. Head to the bank and take
the astronomy book from the table then repeatedly search the picture at the end of
the room until the combination of 806 appears.
Walk behind the counter, approach the large safe, use the pearl and then the safe
key. Kill the zombie for your amulet then take the suitcase, but don't open it as it's
booby trapped. Open the window and climb through.

Walk up to McCarthy and get a message from Jed Stone. Get the flask from the
saddle, climb in the mine cart and take the detonator and cartridges found inside.
When the cart stops exit through the open door.

Run to the station sign and push it before the station master can whistle for help.
Find the key, search the rails by the sign for an eye-bolt, head towards the door
and use the eye-bolt with the bell to ring it three times. Time your movement
through the door and once outside quickly put the blasting cap by the fence and
use the detonator box with the cap. Head to the water tank.

Water Tank
Put the suitcase and the suitcase key in front of the water tank, then get ready to
meet your maker...

You have about 100 seconds to complete your mission, so ignore the cat food and
quickly leave the vault and head to the Saloon. Go up the stairs, jump over the
hole, run towards the broken window and out on to the jail roof. Run to the large
gap and jump on to the statue to get the gold eagle, then run alongside the bank
and search the barrel of tar to get a sticky paw. Next run to the mansion and
search the cask of silver salts to coat your paw, then run back to the Saloon and
kill the werewolf. Enter the graveyard and kill the second werewolf then return to
the vault and drop the eagle nugget in the fire.

Take the Colt .45 and the bar of soap found behind the gravestone. Return to the
water tank.

Water Tank
Drop the Colt near your double then walk up to him - don't attack! Walk up to
your double and then pick up the Colt, now climb the ladder into the water tank.
Use the soap with the cowboy and he'll vanish. Pick up the brush he drops and the
flask near the wall. Use the brush with the large peg in the hole to open the trap-

Find the dead leaf and use it with the Indian bust, read the posters and take the
notebook. Exit via the rung, dodge the zombie, grab the pickaxe and kill the two
zombies, pick up the flask at the foot of the bed, then exit in to the spike pit. Take
the sheets of paper and follow the map to get over the pit walk slowly: Use the
pickaxe to kill the zombie, exit though to the next room, kill the zombie and pick
up the scorched book, candlestick, water pitcher, and needle (move the
candlestick to open the door). Walk to the lift and give the water pitcher to the
cowboy and the lift doors will open. Pick up the piggy bank and throw it to get a
glass microscope plate. Push the lever to go up to the next level.

The Laboratory
Use the microscope glass plate with the microscope. The colour sequence is used
with the switches in order to open the door - grey, green, blue, red. Take the bottle
of poison and go to the cell, poison the needle you find then walk to the table near
the cell and find the distilling coil. Use poison and quickly get inside the jail cell.
Back at full size kill the doctor with the needle then take the piece of straw, the
cell key and the bottle of ammonia. Stand by the distilling coil and use the
shrinking poison, but run through the hole in the wall beneath the table. Use the
straw as a pole-vault across the gap and grab the vial of potion before you revert
to normal size.

Run to the other side of the room by the leaky wall and use the vial of potion to
poison the water supply. When the spider shrinks, walk over and squash him!
Grab the pot of glue and use it to make your hands sticky, then you'll be able to
climb up through the hole where the shaft of light is.

Headless Chicken
To avoid the headless zombie run and dodge his advances, then try to grab his
head - you can push the anvil to try and block the zombie. When you have the
head, throw it down the hole and the zombie will follow, then grab the gold ingot,
a flask, and a Winchester. Kill the next zombie with the Winchester, then take his
wig and a silver dollar. Search the poster and use the silver dollar in the slot. Grab
the box of matches.

Go to the crucible, avoiding the skull pattern and the radioactive rock at the top of
the skull shape. Use the ingot and the matches with the crucible. Grab the wand
that materialises and the ammunition found in the corner. Also take the scorched
paper and parchment. Exit through the door and in the next room step back from
the door and throw the bottle of ammonia. Take the knife that the zombie drops,
go back to the door by the spikes and use the wig to pull the switch.

Run to the eagle totem pole and use the wand to kill the Elwood brothers. Open
the tap found in the ditch on the floor, filling the ditch with water. Grab the rubber
glove and use it with the knife to cut the cables by the machinery. Return to the
totem area and wait for Jed to stand in the water. Emily will open the door and
when she does, grab the sack of coal and exit through the door. Climb on to the
train, use the coal and matches, then push the lever to get the hell outta Slaughter


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