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9 walkthrough



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9 walkthrough

9 (Nine) walkthrough

for both the PC and MAC versions of the game.)

Here’s a quick intro for you first. What's 9 all about? It's like Shivers. So
if you liked Shivers, you'll love 9. You've just inherited a hotel called the Last
Resort from your Uncle Thurston Last. He was some kind of musical genius and
his hotel used to be THE place for all the hot musical artists to come and write
their songs. But an evil entity known as the Toxic Twins has invaded the hotel
and killed Thurston. The Twins have taken over the place and it's up to you to
set everything right again. You must put a machine together. It's parts are
hidden in the Resort and to get the parts, you have to play puzzles. And playing
the puzzles unlocks the rooms, too. 9 is a beautiful game. The graphics are
amazing. Some of the puzzles are really tough, though. That's why you need
this walkthru.

A few quick points: The game interface is not intuitive, meaning you have to
press CTRL and M on the PC every time you want to save your game or just get
to the preferences. You can't just move the mouse on the screen and have your
interface pop up. That's annoying. And the game will crash on you when you try
and save. It's bugged. Just be careful and save multiple games as you play. If
you can live with the annoyance of the interface, you'll love the game. Now, on to
the Walkthru! :)

There is no intro to the game. You just get a blank screen while the game
loads. Then you are at the front of the Last Resort. So just walk up to the front
door. You'll hear and see a man on the other side of the door telling you to enter
the door code. So look at the keypad next to the door.
For this one, you need the envelope that came with the game. It has a Will
in it with the door code at the bottom. 0821-1996-A92C (I'm told some people
got 9 with a Gateway computer and did not receive the letter with the game, so
try this code. Also, the Will states that you just inherited this Resort, just so you
know what the game is supposed to be about.)
Enter the code. Be sure to include the dashes. Then push the enter button.
Open the gate.
Grab the Monocle and you will fall down the stairs don't worry that the
Twins take the Monocle, you will get it back later.
Listen to Salty whenever he comes up, he will give you clues.
Explore the Lobby.
To the right of the furnace is a ladder, go up and get the CD.
Put the CD in the empty holder to the left of the ladder, turn on the fuel.
Face the furnace (boiler) and turn the red wheel to the right and the fill
Push the red button, when the gauge reads 7, pull the red knob down.
Go to the steps on the opposite side of the room and walk to the left
side of the steps (don't go up the steps, just walk next to them) as far as you can
Pull the lever and hold it for a second or two.
Turn right twice and you will see the water wheel turning. This powers
up the bridge to the Organ and the neon "Muse" light below you.
Turn right and get the coin off the floor (this is one of five).
(Make sure the furnace is on now. If it's not, pull the lever on the
furnace again. Just so you don't get stuck.)
Put the coin in Isadora's machine and listen to what she says.
She always talks doubletalk, so don't pay much attention to her.
Go up the ladder to the left of Isadora to the balcony.
Click on the center of the door and solve the match-the-sounds
puzzle. This changes with each game and is time consuming but not difficult. To
solve it, look at the diamonds. Each facet can be played, not just the top. Click
each one, listen to its tune. You have to match the notes. It's like Mahjongg.
When you get a match, the two facets disappear. Keep doing it until they all
disappear and you'll be able to enter the door.
Go straight ahead to the Muse Machine and look it over. You won't be able
to do much with it now, but you can play around with it alittle if you like. Now, turn
around, look at the back of the door to see the chart of what goes in the Muse
Machine. Here's you first major clue as to what you have to do in this game. You
need to find all the parts of the muse machine. And to find the parts, you must
play puzzles.
Go to the Organ. Turn left and look and touch the Dog skeleton. Just
something fun to do. (There are alot of animated things in the Resort. Don't
forget to explore each room just for fun.)
Look at the lever in your path to the organ. Pull the lever and a bridge
comes up.
Go forward to the Organ.
Look up at the monkey. Notice how the monkey has four arms stretched
out. This is where you will receive the next four coins for Isadora, but you will
have to play some music first.
Read the sheet music on the Organ. This music will tell the Tiki Gods to let
you into their room. SAVE your game here!!
Play the notes from left to right. DON'T touch the levers above the keys!!
Leave them all down for now. (This is why everyone gets stuck here. Don't
touch those levers. You don't need them till later.) You should hear some music.
Make sure you're playing the right notes as indicated on the sheet music. You
might run out of steam for the organ if you keep playing the notes. If you do, just
go back to the furnace/boiler, turn the wheel, wait till it gets back to 7 and pull the
lever. Just fiddle with it, you'll get it working again. However, it's better to save
your game BEFORE playing on the organ, that way, you don't have to keep
running back to the furnace/boiler every time you run out of steam. When you do
it right, you should hear some music. The Tiki Gods will now let you into their
Go to the Tiki Gods guarding the door beside the stairs. They should
laugh and let you into the Drum Room.
To the right, you will see a big drum. Click on it to see an image of a
monkey. To your immediate left, you'll see the drum machine. Click on it for a
puzzle. This is an easy one. On a sheet of paper, number the keys from left to
right, top row, 1, 2, 3, bottom row, 4, 5, 6. Get familiar with the riffs they play.
When you feel pretty comfy, click the button to start the puzzle. You'll hear one
riff and be asked to play it. Click the key. Next, you'll hear two riffs and so on.
This puzzle just keeps adding a key. So if you first heard 1, then 3. Next you'll
hear 1, 3, and a new one. So if you keep track of which ones have already been
played, and just keep adding the new one, you can solve it easily.
The drummer will tell you he's got something for you. So go over to him and click
on him till you get the maraca for the muse machine. Go back to the muse
machine and put the maraca in it. You can fiddle with the machine alittle again,
but you still won't be able to do much with it.
Go back to the Tiki room.
Go through the door at the end of the room and go forward till you see the juke
Look over the juke box. Look at the colors on the buttons, they're important.
In order to solve this puzzle, you must first solve the masks puzzle in the Tiki
room, so turn around and go back to the Tiki room and face the masks.
Click the masks for a puzzle. The faces must be in order from left to right. Look
closely at the faces. Each mask must have a characteristic of one next to it. Try
the round face with big eyes at the left, then the next with big eyes, then the next
with funny fangs, and so on. When you get a match, the faces should nod at you,
when you do it wrong, they shake their heads. When you get one that doesn't
seem to move it's head, it's the end one. Some have matching teeth, some have
a tongue that sticks out. Just look closely, and try and match them up, you will
get it eventually. When you do it right, you'll see four faces with colored
backgrounds. WRITE it down. The colors and the backgrounds and which order
they are in. This is the solution to the Juke Box.
Go back to the Juke Box, press it's four keys in the same sequence of
masks and colors you just saw. The needle should fall through the record and
drops the gear into the grate.
Look down and open the grate and get the gear.
Turn left and go forward to end of hall.

Turn left and touch the sign with colors, it should start blinking, the
number of blinks for each color will be important later. (WRITE DOWN the
number of blinks for each color. Like red=4, blue=2, they may be different for
every game, so write yours down. They are part of the solution to the last puzzle
in the Resort.)
You can look at the other picture opposite, but it doesn't do anything, and
the dripping sac thing at the other end of the hall doesn't do anything.
Remember, alot of the animations in the Resort of just for fun. Explore them if
you like.
Now go to the other end of the hall where the sac thing is.
Turn right and touch the cat picture. Remember the part of the guitar that
you see there. (this is called a notation clue) It's part of the solution to one of the
Tapestry Room puzzles.
See the door next to the cat picture? Click the door to the Tapestry Room.
You won't be able to enter. Salty will come and fight a creature in there for you.
Just sit and watch the sequence. Listen to what Salty says when he comes out.
You will have to revitalize him, but you won't be able to do it yet. You have to
solve the gear puzzle first using the gear you just got from the juke box.
Leave here and go to the main red staircase. Walk up the stairs. Notice
how you can't get to the second floor? The floor at the top of the stairs is moving
toward you. It's going the wrong way! Look to left and see the picture of Last.
Click on it for the notation clue. You should be able to lift up the picture and see
a weird shape. That's the second clue to that Tapestry Room puzzle you'll be
doing later. Remember it or sketch it down on a piece of paper. Now look to the
right at the railing of the stairs. There's a ladder you can climb down. Climb
down the ladder, now look left at the Clown Pole.
Click on the heart on the Clown Pole to reveal the gears.
Pull the bottom gear all the way down. (it takes twice)
Pull the left gear down twice.
Insert the gear you have in the center. This will reverse the walkway right
above you to let you in to the upstairs hallway. When you've done it right, the
gears should be in an S shape. Now, DON'T go upstairs yet. You have to get
the clue to revitalize Salty first. Go back downstairs.
Go to the CD on the wall to the right of Isadora and turn it over to get the
number of the song to play for Salty. In my game it was 17, I don't know if it
changes from game to game, but you'll see the number clearly marked.
Now you can go upstairs.
Turn left and see the picture of Last. He speaks to you, but it doesn't mean
anything. Just listen to it for fun.
Go to microwave looking thing and open it and look at another notation clue.
It's the third piece to one of the Tapestry Puzzles. Just write it down somewhere
or remember it.
Go to the record player and set the lever to the number of the song on the
CD you just looked at. Push the button and Salty should go crazy. You've just
energized him! If he doesn't make alot of noise, you didn't set the right number of
the song. Just do it, till he makes alot of noise.
Go to the end of the hall and look into the binoculars, they just show the void
It's alittle like a maze. And, yes, you will have to go in there soon. It's not that
difficult, so don't worry. There are a few ways to get in and out, so you won't get
lost for long.
Now turn left and look at the weird moving dots board. You have to reach
out and turn it over. So click on it and pull it till it turns over. You should see your
first notation clue with music to play on the Organ. Write this down or push the
"PrintScreen" button and go to Paint and paste and print. This is a pain, because
you have to quit the game to do it. I just jotted it down on a piece of paper. Make
sure you copy it exactly, and all the weird symbols. Everything. This is the
easiest music clue. It uses the same notes that are printed on the sheet music on
the Organ. Playing it will give you a coin for Isadora.
Go to the elevator and push the button.
Go in and turn left and push whatever lights up.
Turn left and move the lever to 1. (2 is where you are and the basement
doesn't work yet) The Attic you can go up and look but not enter, so just go to 1.
Exit the elevator and go down the stairs, across to the ladder and up.
Now, you can try and play the music clue if you like. So go down to the
Organ. SAVE your game FIRST!! Look at the sheet music and your clue. The
symbols are there. So just match up which ones you have to play. At the bottom
of your clue, you should see a dot that's colored in. That's for the Organ levers.
If you have a dot that's colored in, click that lever on the organ before playing
your notes. Play the notes from left to right. If you do it right, the monkey will
make noises. Then you can look up at the monkey and a coin will appear in one
of his hands. That should be coin number 2. Since you already used the one you
found on the floor. Now go to Isadora and put the coin in the slot. She'll spout
some more nonsense at you that really means nothing.
You can now go and enter the Tapestry Room.
On your right, you'll see a little octopus thing that talks to you. Listen to
what she says. She gives clues sometimes. Now turn to the right and click on
the first right tapestry. Enter the room, and turn the gears to show the throne. All
three gears have to show that chair. If you do it right, the eye under the screen
will be blinking and the octopus will say something, I think, sorry, I don't
remember what she said, but you'll know. And you'll be able to get a clue out of
the throne.
Now go sit on the throne, push the red button, and your clue should show
up. This is really IMPORTANT now! Make a note of the alignment of letter and
symbol. This is your main key to creating the keyboard for the music clues you
will get. It is THAT important.
Now go and face the door. Click on the tapestry that's on your right, the one
next to the door. Go in the tapestry room and you'll see the Wheel of Fortune
(WOF). You must align the wheel of fortune with the clue from the throne. Say
your clue is V and you have this % as your symbol. Match the V and the %.
That's all you have to do to the Wheel. But you MUST now copy all the letters
with the corresponding symbols onto a piece of paper. It is THAT IMPORTANT.
This sequence of symbols and letters will be applied to the Organ keyboard. You
must create your own keyboard. The WOF changes from game to game, so I
can't show you my keyboard. It won't help you. But I can tell you how to create
Sketch a keyboard on a piece of paper. It has to have the same number of keys
as the one on the Organ, including the black keys. There are a total of 24 keys.
Just look at the Organ while you're sketching it. Now take the symbols from the
sheet music on the Organ and place them on your keyboard in the proper places.
Check the last symbol you place and find what letter corresponds with it on the
WOF. Letter that one. Now, say you checked and it's V. Label the next key W,
and so forth. Use the black keys like this X, Y,
V, W Z, A,
So you are wrapping the keys alphabetically in an up and down motion (W is
white, X is black, Y is black, Z is white, A is white. Match up the appropriate
symbols to the letters on the keys. So now you know that you should NOT start
your keyboard with the letters A, B, C. Remember, you are wrapping the keys,
starting with the last symbol/letter from the organ sheet music, which means you
will be starting your alphabet in the middle somewhere and continuing left to right
as you wrap the keys around. On my game, I started with V, in the middle of the
keyboard, continued till I had K as my last right key, then wrapped to the front
with L as my first left key, where I continued till I had finished the keys. Also, you
will be MISSING TWO letters. Just forget them. Pretend they don't exist. If you
are missing M, label the keys L, N and continue on as if M didn't exist in the
alphabet. There are only 24 keys on this keyboard.
You can get a sample keyboard at the following game websites if I don't
have one at my website. has it, I think. Or, one of the two sites has it. Remember, it's just a
SAMPLE keyboard. Your symbols will be different in your game.
I really tried to be clear on this. I know it looks confusing at first. But you must
get it right or you won't be able to do much else in the game. I hope I was clear
on it.
Okay, we're still in the WOF room. Now, look down. Under the Wheel,
you'll see a mouse thing you can take. Take it.
Back out, turn right, go forward, turn left, go to the cat tapestry, put the
mouse in the cat's bowl. You'll see a cute little animation.
DON'T enter yet!! (this takes you to the Void).
Turn left, click on the center tapestry to enter the guitar book room.
Read the guitar book and write down the letters to tune the guitar. You won't
need it just yet. But it will solve a later puzzle.
Look in the three drawers below the book.
IMPORTANT! Write down or print the music notation clue in the center
drawer. It will give you another coin for Isadora when you play it. You don't have
to play it right away. And you have to figure out a garage chart before you can
figure out how to play it anyway. So just write it down and keep it safe for later.
Write the letter of the guitar string, but don't take it. You won't really need it till
later if at all. (It might be used as a missing key in the final organ puzzle, so keep
a note of it.)
Now, instead of going right into the Void, Go to the guitar picture
tapestry, the first one to the right of the throne and click on it for a puzzle.
Using the clues you got from the top of the stairs, microwave, and cat
picture, drag the correct pieces to the center to build your guitar.
You'll be able to enter the tapestry when you get it right. You'll see a movie
projection room. Pull up on the small toggle switch to watch the movie.
After the movie, look to your right, open the small door and get the vacuum
The twins will take it from you. Damn! :( Now, you'll have to go into the
But guess what, we won't be getting the vacuum tube back just yet. You have
other puzzles to solve first. And a few of the them are in the Void.
Now, if you looked around in the upstairs hallway, you noticed a weird slotted
door. That's the door to the garage. If you tried to get into it, you saw a snarling
dog that wouldn't let you get in. So what we're going to do now is get a bone out
of the Void for the dog.
Go back to the cat tapestry (SAVE YOUR GAME !! Or you will be stuck in
the Void if you make a mistake!) and click on it to enter into the Void.
You will pass through a door. Turn right and go ahead 1 time. Turn left,
go ahead twice, turn left, go ahead once. You will be facing the skull. Turn left
and go ahead once, turn left, go ahead once to the bar.
Open the right hand panel, click on the center and drag left.
Get the bottle. turn left twice, go ahead once, turn right, go ahead once back
to the skull.
With the skull to your back, turn right, go ahead once, turn right, go ahead
twice, turn left to the door.
With your back to the door, go ahead once, turn right, go ahead once, turn
left, go ahead to the skeleton. Turn right and give the bottle to the skeleton, and
get the bone.
Turn right, go ahead once, turn right, go ahead once, turn left, go ahead
twice to the door. Open the door back to the tapestry room. (I hope this is
accurate enough. I copied these directions from the walkthru I used when I
played. I got alittle turned around with them at one point, but never really got lost.
So they should work for you, too. If you're wondering about the walkthru that I
used, it was really vague and horrible through most of it. I got stuck a million
times. That's why I created this walkthru, so you don't have to suffer like I did.)
Okay, now we're going to the Garage to give the dog his bone.
Go upstairs to the garage door in the center of the upstairs hallway.
Click on the handle in the middle and drag up.
Give the bone to the dog. Explore.
In the car is another notation clue. IMPORTANT! Write it down!
Go to the robot and click on him.
Pick the car on the right, the slowest one.
Right after you click on the starting lights hold down on the mouse button
until the race is over. It may take several times till you get it right.
When you have won, listen to the robot.
Turn right twice and go to the round tool shed left of the door.
Click on the handle and drag right.
Look at the notation clue and draw it or print screen. This is really, really
IMPORTANT. It's the chart you need to figure out so you can play the music
clues. Look at the chart. Take a piece of paper and draw a graph with nine
spaces in it. See the tiny arrows in the last right column? Put those in the last
right column of your graph. What you want to do is create numbers. If the tiny
arrows are facing left, it's a - number. If the tiny arrows are facing right, it's a +
number. Count the tiny arrows in each square on the right. Say your first square
has two arrows facing left. That would be a -2. And if the one under it had two
arrows facing right that would be a +2. Now look at the shaded squares on the
graph. Place them next to the appropriate boxes. You should have three down
the left side and three across the top of your graph. Every game is different, so
I'll tell you what happened with mine. The first line across my graph was already
filled in for me. The letter was V with a half shaded box and the first organ lever
was marked. I changed the arrows to numbers and placed them in the first three
boxes across the graph. I had -8 +9 +2. My second row across was the letter W
from the music clue in the second floor hallway near the Void binoculars. Looking
at the W clue, I placed +2 -5 +2 in my second row. For my third row, I looked at
the H from the music clue I just got from the car. So for the third row across I had
-6 +4 +4. Now, you're wondering, how the heck did you get that. I did this chart
after I got the last music clue from the Guitar room. It gave me the second
column down. (You can wait till you play the Guitar room, or do as much of the
chart as you can right now. It's up to you.) Now, reading this chart what you
want to do is count the spaces between your letters to get to the next letter.
Let's start with V since it was marked on my chart already by the game. We have
V -8, which means you count left, 8 keys from V and you get L. From L we have
+9, so you count nine keys to the right and you get W. Then we have +2, so you
count two keys to the right of W and you get Y. So you look at the shaded box,
the lever for the organ that's marked, and the letter V. That's your music. VLWY.
Set your organ lever. Write down the letters you have to play for each clue
separately. You only play four notes per clue. Starting with the first letter on your
clue. Then you do the next three letters. So you would play VLWY and the
monkey will give you a coin. I know this is really, really confusing, so bear with
me. Here's what your chart should resemble. Remember your numbers and
letters might be different from mine since every game is different.
V -8 +9 +2
W +2 -5 +2
H -6 +4 +4

The O at the top is a letter. You should also have the shaded boxes next to your
letters. You'll know if you did the chart right because the numbers add up in a
weird way. Like, 5 and 4 are nine. Two and Two are four. Six and two are eight.
So you would then take your chart and be able to play the music by counting the
spaces between the letters up or down the keyboard and using the appropriate
organ lever. To play each clue, play it's letter on the clue notation first, like V,
then the last three letters. I hope I was as clear as I could be with this. It looks
really hard at first. And I was stuck for a few days on it. But once I really looked
at what was supposed to be done. It made some sense. You don't have to play
the music right now. So just do what you want of the chart or wait till we get to
the guitar room so you get your last music clue. I explained the chart here
because it's really that important. If you do figure out your whole chart now, you
can play a few clues and get a few coins, but I'd wait and save the Guitar room
clue for later. It'll give you the key to the attic. And you won't be ready for it yet.
Also, if you noticed the monkey's FOUR hands, you're supposed to wait and play
each clue one right after the other till the monkey is holding all four coins in his
hands, even though you can only give them one at a time to Isadora. If you don't
do it this way, you might get some interesting script error/bugs and have to restart
the game.
Okay, now back to the game play. We're still in the garage tool shed.
Take the spark plug and go back to the muse machine. Put the plug in. Play
around a bit with the muse machine. I still don't think you'll be able to do too
much with it yet.
Go back to the garage, and get the toothed wheel from the tool shed. SAVE
your game here!!!
Look down in the tool shed and enter the hole. It leads to the Void. We're
going to play a puzzle in the Void that will unlock the Guitar Room.
You should be at the skeleton. So face the Skeleton, then turn right, go
ahead once, turn right, go ahead once, turn left, go ahead twice to the door.
Turn left and go ahead 1 time. Turn left, go ahead twice, turn left, go ahead
You will be facing the skull.
Look down, and click on the center of the compartment.
(SAVE your game here under another name! That is the only way to start this
puzzle from scratch. It doesn't seem to reset itself. So if you get stuck and want
to start over as though you hadn't touched it, you need a different saved game.
The reason I said use another name is because you are in the Void and you don't
want to get lost getting out. So you'll have one game right before you entered the
Void and one game right before you touched this puzzle. It's a good precaution
to take.)
Put the toothed wheel in the empty spot. Here, since every game is different,
you will have to experiment. The goal is to have all 12 holes showing pink. Or 10
holes or whatever your game will allow. On mine it was 12, but I've heard of it
being 10 for others. One wheel arrangement was 1, then 3, then 4, then 2. The
secret is to add the total of pink dots on each wheel, and turn the top wheel until
all available pink dots are showing. So you would count the dots on the wheel
and slide it to the center. Say it has 3 dots. And you slide another wheel on top
that has 2 dots. Rotate the top wheel till you have 5 dots showing. Then add
another wheel. And rotate that wheel until you have as many dots as you can
showing. All pink dots that you have so far must show before you add your next
wheel. Just keep switching the wheels till you get it right. It's time consuming,
and it really frustrated me, but you can do it.
When you get the wheels aligned properly, you should hear something
opening. It's the Skull's mouth. If you don't hear it, just keep checking the Skull
as you do the puzzle till you get it right. Look up, and click on the Skull's open
mouth to enter the Guitar Room.
Go click on the guitar case in the chair. She will tell you she needs a string.
SAVE your game here!! Go up the steps to enter the skull.
Turn right, go ahead once, then turn left, go ahead one to the bar.
Open the left hand or center panel, get the string.
Turn left twice, go ahead once, turn right, go ahead to the skull, enter
the skull. Give the string to the guitar. Now you have the tuning puzzle.
Tune the guitar using the tuning box on the left. The secret is to watch the
light on the tuning box. When you've tuned a string properly, the light goes on
and MUST stay on. Then immediately move on to the next string. Notice that the
guitar head is bent down, so tune from bottom to top (as though you were
climbing stairs) with the guide from the guitar book. First push the letter on the
box, I don't know if every game is different here, but my guitar book said the
letters were EEADGB. So I pressed B on the box and clicked the first bottom
string. So, essentially, I played the notes backward from bottom to top because
the head was bent down making them backward. So I pressed B, clicked the first
bottom string, and watched the light on the box. When it lit up and stayed lit. I
had the string properly tuned. Then I moved on to the next one. The tricky part
is getting the light to stay on. You have to be careful when you click on the string.
You can drag the string from left to right, but do it gently. The guitar lady will let
you know if you're doing it wrong. If she says it's too high, drag it to the left. If it's
too low, drag it to the right. When you've done it right, the guitar lady will give
you a tuning fork.
Get the tuning fork.
Go to the white door, and click in the middle. You know where you are now.
You're back in the hall with the Juke Box. Just turn right at the Juke Box and go
in the door to the Tiki room. From there, go to the muse machine.
Put the tuning fork in the muse machine.
You can play around with the muse machine again. You might be able to
get alittle more out of it now and Last might make some comments to you about
Now, go back to the Guitar Room. Just make a left at the Juke Box to get
After you enter the Guitar Room door, turn right, and go to the ball machine.
You must align the cups to get the ball to the bottom of the board. This puzzle will
give you the last music clue so you can get the last coin for Isadora, who will then
give you the key to the attic. Test out the cups by dragging them left and right to
see how they move. You want to get the ball from cup to cup all the way down to
the last cup at the bottom where you'll turn it over so the ball goes down. On my

game, I got the ball down by concentrating on the left cups. First align as many
cups as you can, then pull the pepper to start the game. Just move the cups
from left to right till you get the ball to fall into each one. Make your way down to
the bottom. It's actually an easy puzzle, but if you get stuck, just listen to the
voice that tells you to pull the pepper for a fresh ball :) When you've done it right,
click on the ball at the bottom and get the notation clue.
Write down the clue! There are 2 notation clues on this sheet. The first one
is for the jungle organ. The second one is missing the second note. Now you can
finish your graph if you haven't already done so. This clue is confusing, so just
concentrate on the letters in the brackets. I had OTX, which confused the hell out
of me. I needed to put a letter in between the O and the T. When I did the graph
it came out as Y. So I had OYTX and the organ lever was marked at the bottom
of the clue. To get the Y, I had to add the numbers under the O which were +9.
So that gave me Y. Then I did the -5 and got T, so I knew I had done it right.
The last one was +4 which gave me the X. If you looked at my graph, you saw
the O column went down. So even though your letters and symbols will be
different in your game, I think this last column might be positioned the same way--
down. You don't have to play the music yet. We have to go back to the Void first
and get the vacuum tube that the Twins stole from you.
We're still in the Guitar Room (SAVE your game here!!), so turn around and
climb the stairs to enter the skull. Turn right, go ahead once, turn left, go ahead
once, go ahead once over the bar. ( The chest with the tube in it is behind the
bar.) Turn left twice, go forward, open the chest marked time bomb, get the
vacuum tube, back away, go ahead twice, turn right, go ahead once, turn right,
go ahead to the skull, enter the skull.
Now go back to the muse machine.
Put the vacuum tube in the muse machine. You should now be able to do
some cool stuff with the muse machine. Pull the lever towards you and the room
should change backgrounds. Play with the buttons, too.
It's now time to go back to the Organ and play your music clues for the
coins. Let's hope you did that graph right. (SAVE your game here!!!) Remember
to click the appropriate lever on the organ for each clue. It doesn't matter what
order you play the clues in. Just play them separately. Four notes a piece.
When you get one right, the monkey makes noises. Just keep going until you
have all the coins in the monkey's hands. When you're done. Look up at the
monkey till you see the coins. Click one and take it to Isadora. She'll either give
you the key to the attic right away, or she'll spout more garbage at you. Give her
each coin, even after she gives you the key. If you still have a coin left, I'd give it
to her anyway. When you're all done, you can head to the attic with your key. If
for some reason you don't get the key and you think you've played all the coins,
play the first clue again. The one you got from the moving stone picture next to
the binoculars upstairs. That might be the missing coin. That happened to me.
Salty kept saying "turn over a few stones around here, and you'll find more than
garden snails". He was telling me I'd missed that clue. Even though I thought I
had played it. Maybe you have to play it twice, I don't know. It was weird. So I
played it again and there was the coin. If you get stuck here, just keep playing
through your clues till you're sure you have ALL the coins. You must have that
attic key or you're not going anywhere. And DON'T throw away your keyboard
chart and graph. You will need them for the final organ puzzle later.
Go up the main red staircase to the upstairs hallway. Turn right and go
forward to the attic door. Use the key on the door, open the door.
Look left and right. You should see a picture of a chemist with colors on it.
It's a clue as to a later puzzle, so just kind of look at it a second and remember it.
It means you have to mix colors for that puzzle.
Now go ahead twice to the checkerboard puzzle. It'll just materialize in front
of you. Your goal is to get to the chest at the other side.
Watch the way the figures move to figure out how to get to the door at the
other end. I moved left as far as I could go, then kind of zigzagged right, forward,
left. Just try zigzagging at either the left side or the right side of the board and
keep moving forward when you can. It seems to be a eye/hand coordination
puzzle. You have to be fast. Keep clicking that mouse button. It might take a
few tries, but it's not as difficult as it looks.
When you reach the door, turn left and click on the chest.
Get the elevator card.
Turn right and push the button to enter the elevator.
Turn left and put the card in the panel.
SAVE your game here!! If you get stuck on the Rat puzzle, you'll end up
back in this elevator anyway. Might as well save it here.
Turn left and move the handle to the basement.
Go forward, you will get a gun. This is the Rat puzzle.
Shoot as many rats as you can. Each time you shoot a rat, a lightbulb lights
up. The goal is to get all the bulbs in the room lit. You only get 5 bullets, you
must reload when the cylinder is empty by clicking on the cylinder in the lower
left. You can turn your pistol into a machine gun by holding down on the control
key and shooting a rat. (This didn't work for me for some reason, but it has
worked for others.) As you're trying to shoot all the targets, huge rats will come
out of the doorway across the room. You must use all 5 bullets to kill each big rat
before he reaches you or you will be dumped back at the elevator. The strategy
here is to reload as soon as you see the rat appear in that doorway and shoot him
really fast until your clip is empty. Of course you'll be distracted by the moving
targets, so keep an eye on that doorway and keep reloading that gun. Don't
worry about how many targets you're shooting. You can do them at your own
pace. I found it easier to slow down a little. And kept looking at the doorway for
the large rat to appear. The first one seemed to appear when I was halfway
through with the lights. This is an eye/hand coordination puzzle. It's tough. It
took me a few tries. I'd get so close and then get killed by a huge rat. Just keep
plugging away at it.
When all of the lights are lit, go forward through the doorway where those
large rats came from to the boarded up door and turn to your right.
You'll see a cabinet. Click on it and drag up to open it. Click on the map and
unroll it. The monocle is inside :) Yes, you've finally gotten it back!
Take a look through the boarded up door. That's the place you'll be doing
the final puzzle. Now, go back to the elevator and all the way back to the muse
Put the monocle in the muse machine. Last will make a comment. And
guess what, the machine blows up on you. The damn thing shorts out :( You can
fiddle with the machine, but it won't work now. The bridge behind you has blown
up as well. So turn around and listen to the Twins.
You must now follow the Twins down. So click down.
Once you are down, turn left and click on the boat.
The boat will take you to the jungle room. Just click forward to move the
boat once you are in it.
Explore this room. Click on anything you can, and look at it. The green on
the palette is to tell you that green is the missing color in the color-number
notation clue at the left end of the t-shaped hall. In my game, green was three
beats, or play the note three times.
Now for the final puzzle in the game--The Jungle Organ.
SAVE your game here!!!
Go to the organ. Here is where you will need your organ keyboard chart
again, and your graph. This puzzle is timed, which makes it really hard. If you're
not fast enough, you lose and you'll hear Last tell you that you lost. Then the
game ends on you and you're back in Windows! It rots. My best advice is figure
out all the notes to play first, by playing them. If you lose, just restart the saved
game until you figure out all the notes to play. (You can also try and click away
from the organ before you get thrown out of the game to start again.) Then play
them as fast as you can. If you click a wrong note the little creature will tell you or
the Twins will tell you and the totem set will reset itself with the same notes you're
trying to play. Remember, it's a timed puzzle, so if you think you have the right
notes, but they're not working, you might not be fast enough. This puzzle is a
follow the leader kind of puzzle. There are three totems. You will get five
sequences from the three totems to play. You will play the totems from left to
right. Like label the first totem on the left number 1, middle is 2, last is 3. Now,
you'll be shown symbols or letters on each totem. Some may be colored. Use
your keyboard to figure out which letter to start with. My first totem sequence was
four letters all yellow. Both the shaded box and the letters were yellow. (That's
right, look at the colors on the letters and shaded boxes. If you have a colored
box and a colored letter, play the sequence that many times. If you just have a
colored letter, play only that letter that many times.) Yellow in my game meant I
had to play the notes or sequence only once. My letters were V E E C. The first
totem is always easy. I believe my totem labeled 1 had the V first, then the E
under it. That's how you play it. If a totem has more than one letter on it just play
the top letter first.
The second totem set was alittle more involved. I had C Z Q (now I had to
count using the graph to get to the next letter to play. So I looked at the shaded
box on my graph that matched shaded box on the Q totem. I got T then L.
You're counting to the letters the same way you did when playing for coins. Just
match the shaded box symbol on the totem to the one on your graph. If you have
a letter on the totem and a shaded box, match the shaded box and play the totem
letter, then count using your graph the number of spaces to the next letter and
from that one, the final letter. My final letter was D, but it was red. I had to play
the letter D four times. I think the red was on the totem, sorry, I can't remember
where the red came from, but it was there.
The third totems were harder still. I was given an A and from there I had
to count by matching the shaded box on my graph. I got S B D. I think it was
yellow, so I only played it once. I was also given a Q, which was blue and so was
its box, so I had to play the set twice. I matched the shaded box to the totem and
came up with A V Z. I had to play Q A V Z twice. That finished that set for me.
The fourth set of totems actually wasn't too bad. I had a B, counted the
letters, got D Y A. This set was blue because the B was blue and so was its box,
so I had to play it twice. Totem 2 had a green B on it. That meant I had to play
the letter B three times. Totem 3 had B again, only it was yellow this time with a
shaded yellow box. So I had to play B D Y A once. That finished set four for me.
Now for the final totem set. From what I understand, although every game
is different in terms of the letters and symbols you will have, the final totem set
usually just asks you for a missing letter. Remember how you were missing two
letters from your keyboard? You'll be asked for a missing letter. Mine was R. To
play your missing letter, move your mouse to the place the letter should be, right
between the keys, for me it was Q and S. I put the mouse right on the line
between Q and S and clicked so that the two keys were pressed down together.
That's it! It wasn't so hard, was it? :) (Yeah, I know this one is tricky. You might
have to do it a couple of times till you get both keys pressed together.) And
you've solved the game! Now you should get a cute sequence of Salty flying you
back to the main hall. Then all the characters in the game sing and dance, it's a
really cool video sequence. After that, the credits roll, and you're done. (If you're
missing the video sequence, I think you need the 32bit Quicktime to see it. I'm
not sure if the 16 bit Quicktime will show it.)
If this walkthru has helped you, please let me know. And if you have any
questions and are stuck, email me at and I will try and
help you. My website is
Check me out! :D The GT Interactive website is They have
a few tips on the game, but not much. Special thanks to Bob for sending me the
game in the first place :D

9 walkthrough end


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