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backyard football cheats



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Backyard Football cheats

backyard football cheats

Special Kid
At the Draft Players screen, enter the code "superkid".

Improved Tackles
Before tackling, enter the code "whatatackle".

Play as Dummies
To play as the practice dummies, in the enter coach name, name the coach MRCLANKY, you will have the Practice Dummies as your season team.

Easy Offense
At the beginning of your season, go to game options and put kicking on auto kick. When you play, set controls on keyboard. If you don't know how to use the keyboard click details. When you set controls on keyboard, play. When you kickoff, right when you push shift, push forward and hold until you kick. The kicker will pickup the ball and start running with it.

More Speed
During play, enter the code "superspeed".

Improved Passes
Before passing, enter the code "sharpeye".

Secret Plays
During play, enter the code "moreplays".


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