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battleship cheats



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Battleship cheats

battleship cheats

Although there is not strategy guide or book available for the game, below are some tips from the testers.

- Try to spot with AWACS and use long range missiles to sink enemies from a distance. Do not waste your multi-head missiles unless you have good radar contact.

- If you have an island falling under attack, and you have no ships in the area, get your cruise missiles ready. As soon as the enemy gets near the island, begin attacking. Make sure to sink the ships, otherwise, they will repair and come back to haunt you. You might want to leave a fleet of missile subs near an island for garrison duty.

- If you have a fleet with nothing but a carrier, preferably a super carrier, send it into battle first. Super carriers are very hardy and take a long time to sink. Move the carrier right next to the enemy, and it can act as a spotter for a fleet farther away with a long-range weapon.

- If an enemy sub fleet is close to your fleet, and you have helicopters on sub defense near them, use the helicopters instead of your ships' weapons. The choppers are much more accurate hitting subs than the ships are.

- Always target warships before carriers. Carriers have no weapons usually have already launched all their aircraft when you are in firing range. They are no threat after the planes are launched and take and enormous amount of firepower to destroy.

- If an enemy is attacking you from the far side of one of their islands, try to grab the island first. Do not try to sail around the island, as this will give them all the time in the world to fire at you, using the island as a spotter. Take the island to turn the tables on the enemy.

- When going into battle, always launch all aircraft . If you lose the fleet, immediately switch to the circling squadrons(if there are any left), and keep attacking with missiles. You can often cause the enemy to lose the remains of their victorious fleet.


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