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blake stone cheats



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Blake Stone cheats

blake stone cheats

To activate debugging mode you must type a command line password when you run the program. The password is POWERBALL. [other program paramaters are listed below]

The startup command with debug mode enabled:
bstone powerball

There's more! When you see the Jam logo during startup, you must press and hold both left and right shift keys. Press and hold the left shift first, then the right shift. Pressing the keys at the right time can be tricky, there is a sound comfirmation if successful, otherwise you'll have to try again from the start.

Debugging keys (hold down BACKSPACE and press the indicated key):
BACKSPACE, A -- Add players to AutoMap
BACKSPACE, B -- Border color
BACKSPACE, C -- Statistics
BACKSPACE, D -- Invisibility
BACKSPACE, E -- Jumps ahead to end of next level
BACKSPACE, F -- Displays x and y coordinates and angle
BACKSPACE, G -- God mode on/off (when ON you cannot be hurt)
BACKSPACE, H -- Hurt yourself (minus 1% health)
BACKSPACE, I -- Free items
BACKSPACE, M -- Displays memory usage
BACKSPACE, O -- Show all hidden walls on automap
BACKSPACE, S -- Slow motion on/off
BACKSPACE, T -- Displays walls, sprites, and sound waveforms.
BACKSAPCE, U -- Unlock all floors
BACKSPACE, V -- ??? "Add extra VBLs(0-8)". Not sure what this does.
BACKSPACE, W -- Warp to any level

Radar mode:
The radar mode enables a real time level map at the lower left corner of the screen. Play is slow as sludge, but the mode is in there.
Use the command line password RADAR.

The startup command would be:
bstone radar

Or, stack it with the debug password:
bstone powerball radar

Normal Parameters:

VERSION - Display version information.
SYSTEM - Display system information.
HIDDENCARD - Disable checking for video card.
NOJOYS - Disable checking for joysticks.
NOMOUSE - Disable checking for mouse.
NOMAIN - Disable checking for main memory.
NOEMS - Disable checking for EMS memory.
NOXMS - Disable checking for XMS memory.
NOAL - Disable checking for AdLib.
NOSB - Disable checking for Sound Blaster.
NOPRO - Disable checking for Sound Blaster Pro.
NOSS - Disable checking for Sound Source.
SST - Enable checking for Tandy Sound Source.
SS1 - Enable checking for Sound Source on LPT1.
SS2 - Enable checking for Sound Source on LPT2.
SS3 - Enable checking for Sound Source on LPT3.
NO386 - Disable checking for 386.
ENABLEGP - Enables NoteBook GamePort checking

Development/Cheat Parameters:

POWERBALL - See information above.
TICS - Display TIC INFO in score area.
MUSIC - Enable music test mode - + changes music.
RADAR - Displays radar


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