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brian lara cricket cheats



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Brian Lara Cricket cheats

brian lara cricket cheats

Enter these passwords in the Classic Match screen:

Cheat Code Result
CATSDOGS - Always rains during test match.
CMBRLARA - Super Batsmen.
FINISHED - All Classice matches enabled.
NONOTOUT - Unbreakable wickets.
TIMEWARP - Fast match.
MEDICINE - Large cricket ball.
SLIPPERY - Makes fielders drop catches.
SETMOUSE - Use LCTRL and ALT to rotate the mouse for free look.
OLDTIMER - Add World XI Team
SUNSHINE - Beach around the field on Friendly matches.

Open Classic Matches
Type SILLYBOY in passwords for classic matches. Now half of the levels will be open. Enter COPYCATS and the first 7 classic matches will appear.