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dark regn cheats



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Dark Regn cheats


dark regn cheats

Go into the deftxt file in the Dark Reign Directory and you can edit ANYTHING in the game! I changed the time it takes for Sky fortresses to load up a charge and destroyed my enemy's base in minutes! You can finish the game pretty fast by using this with the cost, strength, and other attributes of units and buildings alike!! DO NOT forget to back up though, you might have to reinstall the game like I did if you're not careful. And you might have to go into the single mission file if you want to change the levels that you're playing. Go into deftxt, then scenario, then fixed then it says the mission ex. i10 (level 10 for imperium) and so on. Have fun with this but don't spoil the whole game!

There's another level after the 12th one : Death Blow. To activate it, go to the level selection screen and click on the spiral after you've completed Level 12.

Select any mission:
Edit the file DARK\SHELL\SHELLCFG.H and change the line "#define BTN_MISSION_COEFFICIENT 150" to "#define
BTN_MISSION_COEFFICIENT 157". You can now select any mission from the dial by pressing the new CHEAT button in the bottom left corner.


When playing the Freedom Guard the skirmish tanks always seem so fragile compared to the enemies plasma tanks. Well now you can give your skirmish tanks the same characteristics as the plasma tanks.

There is a file called 'units.txt' in ..\darkreign\dark\deftxt dir.

You can edit this file, search for the Freedom Guard tank settings. Look for the 'Setstrength' entry and set your units strength to around 500. There is another field which sets the price and buildtime set this to say '50 1'. This will give you cheap tough tanks for around 50 credits and they will be built really quickly.

Note: You can do the same for the spyder bikes and tank hunters.

Also there is a file called 'build.txt' which you can set the cost and increase the toughness of your buildings in the same way.

This works for all missions up to the 6th one. This is because there is a dedicated dir and units.txt file for this scenario which you have to also edit in the same way.

Trounce those Imperial swine with weapons to match their own... Ho Ho!!

Kevin Salter
Portsmouth UK.

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