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Drakan: Order Of The Flame cheats



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Drakan: Order Of The Flame cheats


Drakan: Order Of The Flame cheats

Press "\" to enable Talk.

Then type in "iamgod" to enable God Mode.

Type "iamgoddess" for God Mode on the final stage.

Type "give ####" where #### is the item as listed in the "all weapons" code.

Type "debug on" or "debug off" to enable/disable Debug Mode.

Type "smoghead" for Full Health.

Type "all weapons" to list weapons in Debug Mode.

Type "gimme ####" where #### is the item name.

Unlimited Potions-Crystals
Bring up your inventory screen. Drag a potion out of the inventory box but do not drop it on ground. Turn around again, ie to go back into action. Go back into inventory and you will have one additional potion. Repeat as many times as needed/wanted. Also works for fire/ice/lightning crystals.

Developers Mode:

Note: To enter developer mode, hold down SHIFT when starting Drakan, which loads the Riot Engine Options, then go to the "Developer Tab" and check "Developer Mode". When you're finished, the game will continue to load.)

Starting new games in Developers Mode:

If you wish to start a new game, hold down the control (CTRL) key when you click New Game to set the difficulty level. Select the "Ruined Village" level to start from the beginning of the game, but you may select any level you wish.

"Developers Mode" Cheat List

These codes were provided to gamers from Stuart Denman, Vice President of Surreal Software, and Lead Programmer of Drakan: Order of the Flame.

Developers Mode cheats:

First press \ to talk and type in one of the following cheats:

Changes the view to the nearest enemy.

Kills the fog. May cause a slowdown on some computers.

Fly mode. Type \floy to turn it on, and go where you want, the \drop then \floy again to turn it off.

Opens locked doors.

6 - 93 warning: will cause bugs.

Causes all nearby enemies to explode.

1-50, warning: will cause bugs.

This works for Arokh too, even if you haven't found him yet. A rune will appear where Rynn stands if she is not mounted on Arokh. The breath weapons you can summon are; ice, lightning, magma, poison.

Try these combinations I have tested with the gimme cheat... Note: You cannot give weapons specific to only certain levels to Rynn when she is not on those levels. Anything in the common Resources database can be given on any level.

gimme ice hammer - A powerful weapon with ring of ice secondary attack
gimme short sword - Like Atimar's Blade, but without the glow and not indestructible
gimme mithril mace - Exactly like the Mace of the Hand
gimme studded leather - Weak armor, looks like normal leather on Rynn
gimme boomerang
gimme fire boomerang
gimme mithril throwing hammer
gimme mithril throwing axe
- Four throwing weapons, only secondary attack works, they are very erratic and they get lost sometimes in closed spaces.
gimme potion of invulnerability bronze
gimme potion of invulnerability gold
gimme potion of invulnerability dark
- Three new colors of invulnerability. Very short duration on these potions.
gimme energy arrow quiver - Energy arrows for standard bows.
gimme flame bow
gimme explosive bow
- Two bows that never made it into the game. The names imply special abilities, but there doesn't seem to be any.

List of everything in the common resourses database:

Note: Not all of these will work with the gimme cheat. Some do , some don't. This is just a list of everything in the common resourses database. Try them and see what happens. Who knows?

Health Elixir
Potion of Life
Great Sword
Battle Axe
Battle Hammer
Altir's Mace
Sword of Flame
Ice Hammer
Sword of Ice
Lightning Axe
Long Sword
Mithril Great Sword
Mithril Axe
Fire Boomerang
Mithril Hammer
Mithril Long Sword
Mithril Mace
Magic Scimitar
Magic Short Sword
Short Sword
Speed Scimitarv Mourn Bringer
Potion of Invisibility
Potion of Invulnerability
Flaming Sword
Long Bow
Lightning Crystal
Fire Crystal
Ice Crystal
Plate Mail
Banded Mail
Dragon Armor
Rift Crystal
Bell Hammer of Alwarren
Rune Cage Key
Scale Mail
Chain Mail
Tunnel Entrance Key
Crusher Room Key
House Key
Studded Leather
Storage Rune
Elemental Amulet
Flaming Arrows
Poison Arrows
Explosive Arrows
Energy Bow
Energy Arrow Quiver
Energy Bow Key
Goblin Access Key
Mithril Throwing Axe
Ice Arrows
Mithril Throwing Hammer
Jail Key
Dark Scimitar
Magic Arrows
Potion of Invulnerability Bronze
Potion of Invulnerability Gold
Potion of Invulnerability Dark
Heavy Bow
Speed Bow
Heron's Crystal
Tuiri's Soul Crystal
Dragon Armor Rune
Lava Rune
Succubus Mirror
Mystic Key
Atimar's Blade
Dead Man's Key
Rune of Stone
Grungle's Hammer

Mega Attack:

Do this attack with SPELLS and CRYSTALS ONLY. I recommend having at least 30 Spells or Crystals for this, and a lot more if you use this type of attack frequently. It can really eat up the Spells and Crystals if you go nuts with it.

I will use a Lightning Crystal as an example, but this will work for Lightning and Fire Crystals, as well as the Fire and Ice Spells that are bound to the "Sword of Flame" and "Ice Hammer". It will also work with the defensive Ice Spell bound to the "Sword of Ice" and Ice Crystals.

First, get out your lightning crystal. Second, hold down the fire button so Rynn holds it out in front of her and the crystal makes that charging/humming sound. Third, start clicking the fire button as rapid as possible and do not stop. The resulting lightning storm devastates anything in a matter of seconds. I'm talking War Giants down within 2 seconds, and anything standing near him as well. Thor has got nothing on this. Try it out.

Demo version cheats

Press the talk button (by default it's binded to "\") then type cheat and press enter:

Code Result
sanctuary - God Mode
smeghead - Full Health
debug on- Debug Mode On
debug off - Debug Mode Off
all weapons - To list weapons in debug mode
give #### - Where #### is the item as listed in the "all weapons" code.


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