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dungeon keeper 2 cheats



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Dungeon Keeper 2 cheats


dungeon keeper 2 cheats

While playing the game, press CTRL+ALT+C, then type:

NOTE: Pressing CTRL+ALT+C will NOT generate a text box, it will simply make a noise. Type the codes below (with spaces where noted) and even though it will appear that it is not recognizing your codes (by still showing hotkey movement, etc), it does. Remember that cheats may not work with all versions of the game.

Code Result
show me the money - Gives Money
now the rain has gone - Show Map
feel the power - Upgrade All Monster's Skill to 10
this is my church - Get All Rooms
fit the best - Get All Rooms and Traps
i believe its magic - Get All Magic
do not fear the reaper - Win Level
ha ha thisaway ha ha thataway - +100,000 mana (Works with latest patch)

Temple Sacrifices:

Sacrifice Result
2 Salamanders - 1 Dark Mistress
2 Rogues - 1 Salamander
2 Warlocks - 1 Goblin
2 Bile Demons - 1 Rogue
2 Black Knights - 1 Vampire
1 Salamander + 1 Dark Elf - 1 Dark Mistress
2 Skeletons - 1 Dark Elf
2 Wizards - 1 Bile Demon
1 Skeleton + 1 Troll - 1 Bile Demon
2 Dark Elves - 1 Troll
2 Vampires - 1 Bile Demon
2 Dark Mistresses 1 Skeleton
2 Trolls 1 Warlock
3 Monks - Mana Boost
1 Bile Demon + 1 Warlock + 1 Dark Elf - Receive Imps
2 Dwarves + 1 Dark Mistress - Make Safe

Bonus Stage
There are several bonus stages in Dungeon Keeper, but one of them can be found without doing anything. To access it, set your PC's date to any day with a full moon then start the game. The bonus stage will appear as a flag with a circle in it.

Modify Cheat
Go into the data file, then open up the creature file and you can change information about creatures and spells around. Ex: You can change the imp spell to where imps cost nothing.

Show Me The Way
If you do the CTRL+ALT+C thing then type "what are you looking at", the map will vanish like the "now the rain has gone" code. BUT... if you CTRL+ALT+C and then type in "now the rain has gone", the map will come back and the entire map will be visible (ie, everything you couldn't see before you can see now) not only that, but you get a little arrow that points you towards the hero gate


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