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get medieval cheats



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Get Medieval cheats


get medieval cheats

Type these codes:

mpkfa: god mode
mppos: global position
mpfps: frames per second
mpbodyguard: player takes zero damage
mphighlander: gives 99 lives
mpthewolf: goto next level
mpbadmofo: goto previous level
mpbringthegimp: goto next boss level
mpignition: gives keys
mpturbocharger: gives scrolls-my favorite;)
mppetrol: gives health
mparmorall: gives armor
mpglovebox: gives weapons
mpshoes: gives 99 souls
mpironpockets: thief can't steal from you
mpbandaid: health stops fading away
mplockpick: Gives the skull key
mpomar: Gives the fire shield artifact
mptroadrunner: Gives speed boost artifact
mpwinturbo: Gives super scroll artifact
mpbadbreath: Gives Freak artifact
mpmintybeath: Gives Worship artifact


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