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gex cheats



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Gex cheats


gex cheats

Kung Fu Land:
if you want to play the bosses of each level, you have to begin play with a password which will put you pre- them in the game.
if you don't care about that, you can access any of the earlier levels by beginning with the Rezopolis password.

I've just is finished GEX for PC, the code for all levels complete, including planet X, is....



Try taking the high road in the "Frankie and Heli" Graveyard level to find some surprises. Don't let the spikes scare you. If you see a platform above GEX that looks impossible to get to, try tailbouncing on a nearby enemy to reach the platform. Chances are that there is something good up there. If you reach the Jungle map and can't access any of the TVs, it means you forgot to get the Jungle remote located in the "POW" Cartoon level. You can always go back and get the remote. Use the ice powerup to cross large spaces. Surprises await on the other side. Simply freeze any enemy and use the ice cubes as temporary platforms. Better hurry, the ice cubes will break under GEX's feet. If you see a jump in the Jungle Boss level that looks impossible, it's not. Use the running jump to complete this level. Want to go the easy route to finish the "Congo Chaos" Jungle level? Swallow the speed powerup and take the low road to the Exit TV. Having problems with the big bad turtle? If you master the tailbounce and pay attention to his pattern, you should have no problems. Big rocket turtle go bye-bye! The flying TVs are compliments of Rez. When you whack these aerial bombs with a tail whip, they start a countdown. Don't be in the way when they explode. Find the special tricks in each world to overcome the tough spots. For example, slap the floating skulls with a tail whip to knock out Rez's TVs. Movie cameras are switches. Activate them with a tail whip to start up some special mechanism. Then look around to see what's changed, for instance, a bridge has fallen into place or a door has opened. Ride the rafts across shooting geysers. Jump, duck and tail-whip from your safe flotation device, but hang on! Conveyor belts travel horizontally and vertically. Some are grounded, others float in the air. Stick on them and you'll be whisked away to other places. The Media Dimension has other surprises in store, such as deadly pools of liquid Rez and secret levels. Find 'em, Dano. Each world's boss is rough and tough to beat. Each one can be destroyed if you figure out his secret. For instance, it might have to do with something the boss likes to eat or drink. Find a remote control in each world and whap it with a tail attack to gain ownership. Figure out how to use the remote to escape to the next level.


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