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grand theft auto cheats



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Grand Theft Auto cheats


grand theft auto cheats

Enter these codes at the character select screen, press "del" and enter the name. Spacing on the codes may or may not be right.

itsgallus: All Levels All Cities
nineinarow: All Levels All Cities
superwell: All Levels All Cities
iamthelaw: No Police
stevesmates: No Police
itcouldbeyou: Gives You 999999999 Points
suckmyrocket: All Weapons, Armor, & A Get Out Of Jail Free Card
itstantrum: Unlimited Lives
6031769: Unlimited Lives
hate machine: Raises Point Values
buckfast: Press the * on the NUMPAD and get all the weapons
porkcharsui: Diagnostic Mode
callmenigel: press * to get all weapons and 99 ammo (this can be done repeatedly)
iamgarypenn: ?
iamnotgarypenn: ?
davesworld: ?
createorize: ?

This is a real cool cheat. While you're in the game type DTA yOu LoUsY PiEcE oF tRaSh then your guy will be able to punch windows of the cars and beat those guys to the bloody pope


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