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hellfire-diablo add on cheats



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Hellfire - Diablo Add on cheats


hellfire - diablo add on cheats

When you make a new character, name it "Griswold" (like the blacksmith) and when you go into the dungeons, highlight a creature, like a skeleton, and it will say that you have already killed some of them. It doesn't do much, but maybe if you use the names of other townsfolk it might do something else.


I have found that Hellfire is keeping a character as a secret.You can also play with network or LAN now even you can play a new quest.
Just create a file named command.txt . Then you add in this:
multitest cowquest theoquest bardtest
You can get a new character,The Bard. From Faez Ridzal


I have found that another character hiding in hellfire, The Barbarian using Faez's method I added barbariantest and it makes the barbarian in the "New Hero" part


Hellfire - Diablo Addon


I found an interrsting way to make lots of money in hellfire. (easier and faster than the duplications mentioned already).

1st: You need at least 20,000 gold (maybe more, I always had at least 70,000 when using this method).

2nd: Make sure every Inventory slot is full (if you put gold in the slots, it must be 10,000 in each).

3rd: Drop 10,000 gold on the ground in a single pile.

4th: Put a potion or something (does not really matter) in the empty slot.

5th: Drop 9,000 gold from one of the remaining slots (of 10,000 gold)

6th: Exit the Inventory.

7th: Pick up the 10,000 gold pile.

You should get the message about not being able to pick up anymore and drop the 10,000 gold back on the ground. But if you check your Inventory you should have the filled the 1,000 gold slot with 10,000 and still have the gold on the ground (a pile of 9,000 and a pile of 10,000)

Just keep doing this until you get board.. and you should have all the gold you could ever want and none of it will be picked up as duplicate items!! Have fun, and you no longer need to worry about buying that item you always wanted.

Good luck!

-DM (Overkill/Mortuai)


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