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heretic cheats



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Heretic cheats


heretic cheats

KITTY = Allows you to walk through walls.
RAVMAP = 1st use: Shows Full Map. 2nd use: Shows Full Map & Enemies. 3rd use: Brings back normal Map.
MASSACRE = This kills all of the monsters on the current level.
SKEL = Gives you All Keys.
RAMBO = Gives you All Weapons, 200% armor, & Weapons recharge.
QUICKEN = Invulnerability.
PONCE = Gives you Full Health.
SHAZAM = Gives you Weapon PowerUp. Lasts for 30 seconds.
ENGAGE## = Warps you to a certain level. The 1st # is the Episode number & the 2nd # is the Level number.

GIMME## = This gives you Items. The 1st # indicates which item (A-J) & the 2nd # indicates how many items you want (1-9).

A = Ring of Invincibility.
B = Shadowsphere.
C = Quartz Flask.
D = Mystic Urn.
E = Tome of Power.
F = Torch.
G = Bomb of the Ancients.
H = Morph Ovum.
I = Wings of Wrath.
J = Chaos Device.

Type COCKADOODLEDOO and you will turn into a Chicken for a short period of time.


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