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jagged alliance 2 cheats



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Jagged Alliance 2 cheats


jagged alliance 2 cheats (v1.06+ required)

The cheat ability can be turned on by holding down [CTRL] and typing G A B B I when in the tactical game screen. Beware; if you use these keys, you have the potential to create havoc! For example, if you were to teleport a character to a non-valid location it could cause problems, etc.

Once cheat mode is turned on, you can use:

(Tactical Screen)

Cheat Code - Result
[ALT] + T - Teleport selected character to cursor location
[ALT] + D - Refresh APs of selected character
[CTRL] + U - Refresh all characters' health and energy (heals them)
[ALT] + E - Make all characters (enemies and NPCs) and items visible
[ALT] + ENTER - Aborts enemies turn
[ALT] + O - Kill all enemies in current sector
[ALT] + R - Reload selected character's gun
[CTRL] + H - Hurt character under cursor location

(Map Screen)

Cheat Code Result
[ALT] + AUTO RESOLVE Kill all enemies in sector (without having to load sector and use ALT + O)
[CTRL] + T In travel mode, teleport squad to sector under cursor


Cheat Code Result
[SPACE] While Left-clicking merc forces any "away" character to join team
[-] Decrease funds by $ 10,000
[+] Increase funds by $100,000


Cheat Code - Result
[ALT] + 5 - Character changes to monster
[ALT] + O - 100pts of damage to all enemies in sector
[ALT] + G - Create new character
[ALT] + B - Enemy appears at cursor
[ALT] + I - Item appears at cursor
[ALT] + 4 - Character sits in wheelchair
[ALT] + C - Civilian appears at cursor
[ALT] + V - Create robot
[ALT] + K - Mustard gas explosion at cursor

Unlimited Inventory Transfer Between Sectors
You need to have mercs in both sectors you are transfering to and from. First, open the sector inventory, and put the item you want to transfer in the sector inventory. Second, on the left hand side of the screen, it should be displaying the list of all mercs. Third, this is the important part, pick up the item from inventory screen and left click on a merc's destination, as if you are trying to move the merc (the merc has to be on duty in order to do that). The sector inventory screen on the right will disappear and enter the sector movement screen. Fourth, Right-click the mouse to exit the sector movement screen. And TADA! Just simply right-click on any merc's portrait you are transfering the item to, and put it on him.

This feature is a little too complex for transfering large amount of items. But in the cases when you are short of a certain type of ammo, it could save you.


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