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nebula cheats



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Nebula cheats


nebula cheats

3 places - AMUN, KNEPH, SERAPIS.
Examine shelf -> decoder & instructions.

Find these items & places urself.

In Kneph
Examine skeleton -> key.
Get plumice -> rope.

Underground rooms in Amun
Unlock box with key. Push button.

Light dynamite with match to clear avalanche.

Drop block of ice on lava to freeze it.

Ledge above pool
Drop ladder & climb ladder to reach ledge above pool.

Dig plants with spade before u get them.

Throw net to catch whooper & tongi.
Climb banana tree -> banana. Give banana to chimp. Get chimp.

Tie rope to monument & climb rope for aurum & ferrum.
Open meat tin with can opener.
Give meat to primitive man -> argentum. Get man.

***** DONE *****



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