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need for speed cheats



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Need For Speed cheats


need for speed cheats

First you need to win the tournament. You will get a bonus track (Las Vegas). When you win the second tournament you will get these:

EAC QAQA = Makes car more stable at crashing and increases the percentage of times that you can land good after a crash and start immediately without shifting gears (autoshifting mode!)

EAC SCAR = This cheat makes your car able to fall onto its side or upside down then be unable to flip back to its normal position

EAC RALY = Switches on rally mode. The roads become unsealed roads with loose gravel which makes your car slide around.

EAC POWR = Gives you the warrior car!

EAC 4X4R = removes all vehicles and replaces with different cars which drive different.

EAC WARP = makes opponent and yourself more aggresive. In warp mode
oppenent will chrash into the other cars which blocks the road.

EAC GIMX = Changes the advertising graphics on the course walls and signs.

EAC SLOW = makes clock go slower!



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