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quake cheats



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Quake cheats


quake cheats

Press the button under Esc and type God for God mode

Type impulse 9 and press enter and get all guns with full ammo

Demo version

Load up your map (map test1-2-3) and then type in: 1234567890
You will then be given all the weapon's and full ammo.
For the Quake Deathmatch Test 1 (Quake Demo), the keys should be:

F1 = Clear memory cache and reload map and programs
F2 = Reload map
F3 = View BSP order correctly (debugging)
F4 = View BSP order backwards (debugging)
F5 = Take a screen shot in PCX format
F6 = Turn off drawing speeds (debugging)
F7 = Turn on drawing speeds (debugging)
F8 = Turn monster targeting off (debugging)
F9 = Turn clipping on/off (debugging)
F10 = Turn godmode on/off
F12 = Quit game to DOS
9 = All weapons

All the Quake Secret Areas in Zone 1
(shareware zone)

Level 1

1. Shoot near end of ledge which is on the right near the start.
2. Swim into tunnel from side of moat.
3. Shoot TV monitor on far side of pillar in room after moat - takes you up lift onto ledge. Shoot second tv monitor to open secret area.
4. Shoot red cross from platform over liquid - a door opens to left.
5. On down slope jump up into overhead darkend room via light,switch and steps.
6. Get bio-suit behind pillar and use to swim into liquid (slime) and along underwater passage.

Level 2

1. Shoot lighted wall under water in moat - passage revealed to secret room.
2. On U-bend over water, jump in and a ramp to a teleporter is revealed.
3. After you get the key you go into a room split by two arches. Push a stone button on the back of pillar between arches - nearby door opens.

Level 3

1. Room off to side in area under small bridge.
2. Sink into deep water hole at side of water covered area. Then swim up into secret cave.
3. Before going up to finish, there is a small room on the corner of a wide corridor. To remove bars blocking it up shoot the ogres on overhead platforms. Then shoot end wall of the room to reveal teleporter up to overhead platform.

Level 4

1. Shoot two red buttons at start to activate falling platform.
2. Enter tiny cave under water at edge of lake.
3. To activate underwater cave - walk over all buttons in room with knights and wall guns. This activates openings on either side of the room, which lead to ledges. A switch on each must be pressed. Now the cave is open - go back to lake and enter the cave to access the teleporter which takes you to the SECRET LEVEL.

Secret Level

1. Use power-up at front of pyramid to sink into lava and then swim up into secret room.
2. Back away from exit teleporter, take left then shoot indented wall on right to open secret room.

Level 5

1. Cave in moat.
2. Room with ogre on raised square area in corner - jump across to this raised area via stairs edge and wall.
3. In room with central pillar, jump up under flame on front of pillar to open door to secret room.
4. Go wrong way through teleporter (go in the back of it) in room with large quake symbol on floor.
5. At final teleporter, turn around and shoot wall to open secret area.

Level 6

No secrets - Electrifry the monster using controls at top of room.

Quake console cheats

Type 'god' for invincibility.
Type 'fly' to fly!
Type 'map e1mx', where x is a level number from 1-8, to jump to level.
Type 'noclip' to allow you to walk through walls.
Type 'impulse 9' to get all weapons and all keys.
Type 'give h 200' to get full health.

To use these codes, just type them in at the console.
(Press the ~ key to get to the console)

GOD God Mode
NOCLIP No Clipping Mode
IMPULSE 9 All Weapons and Keys
IMPULSE 255 Quad Damage
GIVE # Gives any # gun
GIVE R # Get Rockets
GIVE N # Get Nails
GIVE H # Get Health
GIVE S # Get Shells
GIVE C # Get Cells
KILL Suicide
FLY Fly Mode
MAP E#M# Level Warp
NOTARGET Enemies Won't See You

quake cheats end


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