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savage warriors cheats



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Savage Warriors cheats

savage warriors cheats


Here's a complete list of all the special "cheat" words for Savage Warriors. The Savage Warriors designers put a lot of work into four characters that you never see in the game; I've included all the cheat words to enable those characters. (For all the new character "enables", go to 2-player mode after activating the cheat and then you can choose/play them.)

Rumor Mill disspelled:
- While there are four additional characters you can play, these characters do not have special moves; just the normal ones. (At least, I've never found their moves, after spending 15 minutes on each character.)

- While there is a "Gore mode" cheat, there are *no* fatalities.

replay 3D game mode
eleventh - Enables The Master
gardener - Enables Tom Teck
dunk - Enables Scottie Pippen
numberone - Enables Captain Warrior
pam - Enables Pamela
circus - Arena now selectable combat area
nopain - No Weapons
tyson - No Special moves
nogain - Can't lose weapons
finalfive - Allows "5 out of 7 rounds" (as opposed to 3/5)
snowwhite Tiny Characters
evildeath - Enables "Gore Mode"
forqa - Development Tools (anyone know what these do?)
nbk - Only One Round
woo - Stops the loss of "special move" power
easyspecialmoves - Makes special moves easier to execute: F F P is the first move, F F K is the second move, and B F P is the third move.


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