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shadow of the empire cheats



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Shadow of the Empire cheats

shadow of the empire cheats


Use the name 'R Testers ROCK' to play any level.

Use the name ' Credits' to watch the end sequence. Select Hoth to play. I'm not sure about whether a space is required as the first character.

This is how to edit the hex of shadows of the Empire.
This is more easily done when you finish a couple of mission. Edit the file *.soe in the Shadows of the Empire subdirectory. You will find that the remaining lives in the past missions. If you finish the 1st mission with 4 lives and the second with 5 lives. Now you are currently in the third mission with 5 lives. Look for 05 in the hex editor and change it. You can place like 10,000 lives but the game will give you 100 lives in the next mission.