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shattered light cheats



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Shattered Light cheats


shattered light cheats

In the dir CHARACTERS is file *.dat
(name begining with user name). So, this is the file
we want to modify. And here are offset locations
for most usefull values (all in HEX):

1D Body Points
21 Mana
25 Strength
29 Concentration
2D Dexterity
31 Acc
35 Defense
39 Willpower
3D Number of Spells

You can change skills but they must be there first.
In game distribute 1 point for each skill then edit them
in the file. Skill offsets start from A2, then AA, B2 ....
in 8 byte records.

Safe value for character stats is 100 (this is enough for start)
and about 150 for skills.

shattered light cheats end


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