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SimTower cheats



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SimTower cheats

SimTower cheats

Double your construction funds
Begin a new tower. Then, before placing any other piece, put a section of lobby underground – below and to the left of level B9.

Free Money
When making the first Lobby, push option and the mouse button to make a double decker. Before clicking anything else, select a lobby and using the scroll bars, go to the bottom most left side of the screen and click once.

Get the desired price for condominiums
Using the magnifying glass, click on the condominium that is for sale. (A message saying that the condominiums are terrible should appear.) Click on the current price and lower it to $4,000. Then, before exiting, raise it to the price you are asking for.

(Note: This trick works with most rooms and facilities.)

Build a two-story lobby
Select “Build Lobby” icon and find a place for the lobby. Then hold [Shift] and left click mouse.

Construction workers find buried treasure
Build an underground cafe and your workers will report that they have found buried treasure while digging out the area.

Alternately, place three stores on B3.

Remove old units
Hold [Shift] when placing a new unit to automatically remove the old one.

Build a three-story lobby
Select “Build Lobby” icon and find a place for the lobby. Then hold [Shift] + [Ctrl] and left click mouse.

Tower tips
The metro station requires a subway tunnel running the entire length of the landform on B10. If you build anything on B10 except the Metro Station, you will not be able to place it. Even if you bulldoze things that were placed on B-10, the floor section will remain, and even the smallest floor section will block the Metro tunnel. The only exception to this is the "lots of money" cheat and the elevator mechanisms that "hang down" from elevators which terminate on floor B9.

Contrary to the manual, you do not have to bring all service elevators to the recycling center. It would be impossible since service elevators can only go 30 floors.

Just like real-life towers in real cities, you'll find that stores, theatres and other commercial establishments usually do well in the basement. But they also bring in a lot of traffic from outside. In order to keep your "permanent" population upstairs happy, you may need to have elevator service that services only the basement levels and the floor 1 lobby.

If you build a regular elevator that passes through a recycling center, you may occasionally see people get on and off in mid-air on the upper floor of the recycling center.

One successful strategy is to keep offices and condos totally separated by building entire floors of offices and entire floors of condos. You might want to mix fast food joints with offices on the floor just above each lobby and put all your stores, movie theatres, etc. in the basement levels.

How can you tell if SimCitizens are waiting to go up or down an elevator? Remember the mneumonic LARD. People waiting to the -L-eft of the elevator are -A-scending, while those waiting to the -R-ight of the shaft are -D-escending.


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