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SimCopter cheats



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SimCopter cheats

SimCopter cheats

To receive all helicopters plus a bonus helicopter type in "I'm the CEO of McDonnell Douglas" then go into the hanger hit catalog then enter 1-9.

During the game press Ctrl-Alt-X to bring up the cheat menu. Type in the cheats at the cheat menu to activate that code.

Radioactivity- Makes a nuclear bomb go off.

A megaphone in the hand is worth two in the bush- Allows you to use your megaphone outside the helicopter.

Give me bucks or give me death: xxxxx (xx=Bucks, 0-500000)- Lets you ask for money from 0-50000. However, the more you ask for, the more likely you'll get "death": immediate shutdown of game without chance to save.

I love my helicopter- sends you back to your helicopter.

Lights, Camera, Action!- Makes your drive-in movie theaters play movies.

Out for a Sunday drive- Puts the camera behind a car.

There's no place like home- Sends you back to the hanger but your helicopter stayes where you were.

Warp me to career: xx (xx = city number 0-30)- During a career game only, let's you warp to career city. city 29 is the last city you can be warped to.

Here are a few SimCopter cheats that are used with the screen (must use this capitalization)

Shields up - Invincibility

superpowermultiply - key activates an afterburner

Gas does grow on trees - you don't use fuel

Been there, done that - gives the points you need to complete the level

The map, please - see map when outside your helicopter

Gort - shows funny movie of aliens talking

PAMCAREYGOLDMAN - puts lady's picture on all billboards

You can also do a little reprograming by using Notepad to open the files in the "Tweak" folder. WARNING: this is for advanced users only, YOU CAN REALLY SCREW UP YOUR GAME. If that happens you should UnInstall and then Install SimCopter again.


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