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SimPark cheats



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SimPark cheats


SimPARK Hints & Cheats

A word of warning about cheat codes! Read this first, or the codes won't work. Some of these cheat codes have not been tested and we cannot guarantee their effectiveness. We do not advocate the use of cheat codes, as playing legitimately will lead to a far more stable and enjoyable gaming experience. We are providing these cheat codes solely as a service to you. We will not discuss these codes further on the phone. We do not guarantee that they will work for you. We will not discuss problems with any city in which you have used a code—once you use a code, all bets are off, you're on your own! Additionally, using third party cheater programs will affect the simulation in unpredictable, unusual ways. If you are having a problem with a city on which you have used a cheater program, resource or hex editor, or cheat codes, do not call us until you have duplicated the problem in a standard, non-cheated-on city!