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space ship warlock cheats



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Space Ship Warlock cheats

space ship warlock cheats



To Get Off Stambul:

Capture Mugger and Get Reward
There are three places in Stambul where you may encounter Hok Tuey, the
Mugger. To defeat him you must first click on his weapon. This will disarm
him. To knock him out, click on his eyes or mouth (these are his sensitive
areas) until he goes down.
When you see Hok Tuey lying on the ground, search him by clicking on his
body. Take the credit chip that you find. The credit chip will now display
on your screen in the lower right hand corner. Click above Hok Tuey to return
to the street and then click farther down the street to walk forward. The
Police will then fly down and give you a reward.

Buy a Ticket
Now that you have credits, find a Comlink (these are located throughout
the city and are mounted on street-light poles). Click on the Comlink to
bring it up. Insert your credit chip into the Comlink by dragging it to the
Comlink. The chip will insert itself. Now click on the Comlink's buttons
once. When the Comlink fills the screen, click the "connect " button to get
a dial tone. The number for the Stambul Spaceport is 222-1000. Enter this
number slowly on the keypad. When the call goes through, type anything and
you will be "faxed" a flight schedule. The flight schedule is white and
sticks out from the "Megafax" slot. Click on it to display it. Now, type the
number "237" (this is the flight number for the Belshazzar Luxury liner). A
commercial will then play. After the commercial is over, you will be asked to
confirm your reservation. Type "Y" or "yes". You will then be "faxed" a
ticket. Click on the ticket to remove it. The ticket will now be displayed
on your screen in the lower right hand corner. Click on the "Return" button
to exit the Comlink. When you have returned to the street, be sure to click
on the credit chip to retrieve it. You'll need it to ride the cab to the

Take a Cab to the Spaceport
Find the Taxi calling device (A small yellow box at a three-way
intersection) and hail a cab by clicking on it. After you enter the cab,
tell the driver your destination by typing "Spaceport" in the text entry box.
The cab driver will now take you to your destination.

Ride the Pogo Shuttle
After you arrive at the spaceport, go to the shuttle launch pad and click on
the elevator call button. A Kroll attendant will open the door. Give your
ticket to the attendant by dragging it from the lower right hand corner to
his hand. He will then let you pass. Enter the shuttle, take a seat and
enjoy the ride.

Your Adventure in Space:

The Belshazzar
Navigate through the Belshazzar until you find Captain Starbird and
Stella in the dining room. You need to speak to both Starbird and Stella
about Pirates. The pirates will arrive on this cue.

Aboard the SS Warlock:

Reporting to the Reactor Room
If you decide to join the crew of the SS Warlock, Captain Hammer will
order you to report to the Reactor room for swab duty. The Reactor room is
on the Engineering deck. The brig exits onto this level. Climb the ladder
and then turn to the right or left. You will see a round, gold hatch in the
distance. Once you pass directly through the hatch, you will be on the
Engineering deck. A map will appear in the lower right hand corner of your
screen. Use the map to navigate your way through the Engineering deck to the
Reactor room. You will need a fire extinguisher to get through one of the
passages. A Fire Extinguisher can be found by the gate closest to the
Reactor room. After you pass through this gate, do an about face and click
on the cabinet on the right side of the screen. Open the cabinet and click on
the Fire Extinguisher. It will now be displayed on your screen in the lower
right hand corner. When you encounter the part of the deck that is radiating
heat, click on the fire extinguisher to cool the area. The extinguisher will
do the rest. After the deck has cooled, walk across the deck and turn right.
When you see the Reactor room, click on the tiny blue monitor on the left
hand side of the doors. The monitor will display and "open" button. Click on
the "open" button to open the doors.

Fighting Raskull
When you get to the Reactor room, proceed to the back of the room until
you reach the end. Turn to the right and then turn right again. After you
have turned around, you will encounter Raskull. Raskull will challenge you
to fight him. Raskull's sensitive areas are his mouth and his eyes. Position
the cursor on either of these areas and click repeatedly while following his
evasive motion. Ten hits decides the winner. After he has been defeated,
click forward to continue. At the exit, the monitor will display Hammer and
he will command you to report to the Wardroom. Use your map to leave the
Engineering deck and take the Fore elevators to locate the Wardroom.

Following Orders
When Captain Hammer gives you an order, do it! It helps to listen and write
down the order, because sometimes he won't tell you twice!

Navigating aboard the Warlock
There are many blue monitors on the walls of the ship's halls. Click on these
to display a map of the ship. The map will display your current location to
help you navigate the Warlock.

Using The Guns on the Gun Deck
The most effective way to defeat enemies using the guns is to fire them
as often as you can. Click on the button on top of the joystick to fire the
guns. The more you fire your guns, the enemy will have fewer chances to fire
back at you. The infinite repeaters do not necessarily need to make a
direct hit to damage the enemy. A shot that explodes near to the enemy will
also damage the enemy's shields.

Aboard the Kroll Ship:

The Laser Blaster
When boarding the Kroll ship, Hammer will give you a laser blaster. The
Blaster will be displayed in the lower right hand corner of the screen. When
you click on the Blaster, you will see it displayed at the bottom of the
image area, aiming away from you, A crosshair cursor will also be displayed
on the screen. This can be difficult to get accustomed to. A good rule of
thumb: keep you Macintosh cursor below the picture window and your Blaster's
crosshair cursor will be seen.

Blasting Kroll Warriors
When you encounter a black-armored Kroll Warrior, quickly click on the
Blaster in the lower right hand corner of the screen to activate it. To kill
a Kroll warrior, you will need to use the crosshairs and aim at his big
yellow eye.
Note: the fastest way to kill a Kroll warrior is to align the
crosshairs over the big yellow eye when the Kroll warrior has jumped to the
left side of the hall. If you hit the warrior, keep the crosshairs in the
same position and keep firing at him. If he jumps to the other side of the
hall, wait until he jumps back and the crosshairs will still be lined up.
Shooting this way should allow you to get three or four shots in quick
succession before the Kroll can jump away.

The Asteroid Mission:

The Marauder
Piloting the marauder requires good timing and accuracy. Use the on-screen
controls to track the entrance to the Asteroid, then click on the center
button at just the right moment. You will know when to the moment is right
by watching the display. Remember: the Marauder ships are touchy and are
prone to malfunction. Hot Tip: Be sure to check everything before you take
the Marauder out of the hanger! Is the Hatch closed? Make sure it is, or you
will be blasted out into space.

Navigating The Kroll Asteroid
(See KROLL ASTEROID MAP) The asteroid can be very difficult to navigate. Use
the KROLL ASTEROID MAP to find your way around and don't trust what you see.
Be ready to use your blaster to zap any threatening Kroll warriors. You will
be expected to locate the Kroll Vault where the Kroll have stored the Kroll
Drive. When you find the Kroll Vault, you must use the blaster to open the
door. Take aim at the triangular object in the center of the door and fire
repeatedly until the door opens. Take the Kroll Drive and use the KROLL
ASTEROID MAP again to find your way back to the Marauder.

Planetfall on Terra:

The Speech
If you survive and reach Terra, you will be asked to make a speech to a
Terran gathering. Type your speech in short sentences and see what kind of
response the crowd gives you. You will need to make six (6) positive
statements. If you are at a loss for words, try typing statements like
"Death to the Kroll" or "Long live Terra", etc. If you can't think of
anything else, then just type "Long live Terra" six times in a row. Be sure
that you do not insult the Terrans, or you will have to type in more positive
statements to make up for it! The Terrans must cheer six times before you can


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