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star trek klingon cheats



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Star Trek Klingon cheats

star trek klingon cheats


Star Trek: Klingon
At ANY time during the game, there are one of 3 secret code words you can use in this game:

KOR: This will jump you straight to the first (or next) choice you will have to make.

KANG: This will jump you to the response of the CORRECT choice. If you are having problems with finding the right choice, just use this word to jump ahead of it.

KOLOTH: This will jump you back to the correct response of the PREVIOUS decision(or the beginning of the game, if you are at the first choice). If you do not want to use KANG, but want to figure it out yourself, this is a good way to do it.


The game is fairly easy... mostly common sense... but I did struggle with
one section and I'm sure other users will too. To avoid blowing up the
Targana type this sequence on the keypad:

Green Blue Blue Blue Yellow

or (if you number the buttons 1 to 5 from left to right)

1 4 4 4 3

A little Klingon opera melody.


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