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sub culture cheats



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Sub Culture cheats

sub culture cheats


Type while playing:

kamikaze - Kill yourself
tonka - Hull strengthened
refill - Shield restored
mutant - Radiation protection
billy - Speedup
tick - Geiger counter added
rinse - Stage 0
dryer - Stage 1
cotton - Stage 2
delicates- Stage 3
tumble - Stage 4
colours - Stage 5
halfload - Stage 6
didit - Mission success
bedlk - God mode
haveall - All missions available
havesome - All missions available
scotty - Teleport (see below)
wonga - Money
imnotluc - God mode

Type SCOTTY and the game should freeze. Now type one of these names to teleport to that location.

Touka, Boot, Flats
Beluga, Knob, Anchor
Velcova, Arch, Outlet2
Tryton, Pipe, Outlet3
Aquatraz, Volcano, Pipe2
Refinery, Cave, Bucket
Ribs, Tunnel
Outlet, Wood
Can, Limpet
Abyss, Cleft


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