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swarm cheats



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Swarm cheats

swarm cheats


There was me thinking Swarm wasn't StrongARM compatible, and it is. Just make sure you're running the ROM patches available from Acorn if you're running 3.7 and all will be well, otherwise expect crashes occasionally.

I 'spose I'd better reveal the cheats as well, seeing as it has been a while. Best way of activating these is to pause the game (you don't have to!), type the relevant cheat in, (spaces and punctuation included) then press enter. If you make a mistake, press enter and start again.

PETE'S SQUEAKY TEETH gives you 255 bombs
GILDED SPLINTERS stops you being hurt
WEMBLEY CONE PATROL makes the exit move about
PTMDLBTS increases your firepower slightly ;-)
FANCY A BREW double the game speed, for the seriously masochistic only!

The cheats modify the code, and so aren't guaranteed on the StrongARM. Oddly enough, they seem to work on mine.