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valhalla 2 walkthrough



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Valhalla 2 walkthrough


valhalla 2 walkthrough (Before The War)

Walkthrough provided by Vulcan Software, typed by Paul Olivero.

Level One

In the room where you begin the level notice the Wizard, look at him and he speaks to you. Take the book and the piece of paper with "I am infinity" written on it. Operate the floor tile in the bottom right hand corner of the room, take the potion of faith. Notice the passageway is the only exit out of this room, the Wizard blocks the exit out of the level, your task for this level is to destroy the Wizard so you can progress into level 2. The passageway is filled with hot coals, if you stand on them your stamina begins to drop, drink the potion of faith and travel down the passageway. There are quite a few rooms open to you but the one you need is infinity's own bedroom, this is the one with the racing track in it. Operate the floor tile in this room and take the potion of strength. Neardy is the oracle, look at him and he asks you to bring him luck. Take the left hand exit out of this room into the Carpenters workshop, take the chest key then pull the lever to gain access to a large rock that stops you from reaching a four leaf clover. Drink the strength potion, remove the rock and pick up the clover. Put the clover on the oracle and he opens the door into the maids bedroom, at the same time he asks you for a sign. In the maids room operate the floor tile near the suitcase to find a playing card, another floor tile in this room reveals a compass. Take the door key from beside the bed. Back in the Carpenters workshop put the playing card on the Gambler's tomb, take his snail. Put the compass on the map near to where you foung the clover and take St. Christopher. Travel back to infinity's bedroom and put the snail on the race track, two other snails appear and they all have a race. George's snail losses every time and you gain nothing. Hunt around till you find some vaseline on the floor and put the snail on top of it. George's snail is transformed into a racing snail. Put it back on the track, this time it's a dead heat and the two caskets open. Take a rusty object and the diary that contains strange ramblings that don't make alot of sense. Put the rusty object on the sanding machine in the carpenter's workshop and take the door key. Put the diary on the madman's tomb in the kitchen and take the confusion spell. The first key you found opens the locked door near to the vaseline. Inside is an altar with nothing on it, each time you walk towards it a pearl appears, each time you get close enough to take it, it disappears again. Take the picture out of this room. Nearby is the maid's room, put the St. Christopher on the suitcase and take the safe travel potion. In the kitchen notice the duplication stones, the book nearby warns you of the passegeway beyond the locked door, put the safe travel potion on the duplication stone, take both potions. Open the door with the silver key and travel down to the electrical device. Drink the safe travel potion and pass through unharmed. Pick up the sugar, the potion of lies and the door key to get back out. Pick up the note from the Goblin informing you that if you give him a gift for a king he will disarm the passegway. The Goblin sits on his sofa. Travel back the way you came before your potion runs out . Each time you look at the Carpenter he tells you he has a gift for the king. Put the confusion spell in front of him and in his confused state he asks who you are. Stand and face him, drink the potion of lies then look at the piece of paper in your rucksack that says "I am Infinity". Lying through your teeth you tell him that you are the King and in his confused state he hands over a jewelled box, a gift for a king. Drink the second safe travel potion and travel back down to the Goblin, give him the box, he disarms the passegeway and opens the door into the Wizards room. Operate the floor tile and take infinity's teddy bear, read the spell book that tells how to destroy the Wizard. Travel through the door opened by a lever noticing three tombs as you pass, open another door with a lever that provides you with a shortcut back to the kitchen. Take the section of pipe, take the snooker chalk and put it on the tomb of the hustler. Take the snooker cue in the wall behind the pearl that keeps disappearing, notice a small hole, insert the snooker cue in here and the pearl is knocked to the floor allowing you to pick it up. This is for the spell. By now you will have found the objects you need to make a cake. Put the cake tin on the stove in the kitchen, then drop inside the egg the flour and the sugar, take the cake for use later on. Put Infinity's teddy bear on his bed and take the sleeping pills. Put these on the tomb of the insomniac near to the Wizards room. Take the nightmare spell and put this in front of the cook who up until now has told you to leave her alone because she's sleeping. Put the cake in front of her and she ices it for you. In the Carpenter's workshop put the picture onto the saw, take the piece of jigsaw that fits into the incomplete puzzle nearby. The chests open allowing you to take a heavy bell and a door key. Put the piece of pipe next to the glass in the Carpenter's workshop, travel to the other end of the pipe that it fits onto, then put the heavy ball onto it.The ball rolls down the length of pipe and smashes the glass that was hiding a potion of faith. Save this for use later. Take the iced birthday cake and give it to the maid who has been telling you it's her birthday and now informs you she was only joking. She gives you a sapphire for your trouble, the book of birthstones will inform you that it is the birthstone of Libra, put the Sapphire in the scales near to the vaseline, take the sign of Libra and give it to the Oracle who gives you a vase. The key from the jigsaw chest opens the door into a room where there is an identical vase on one side of a locked door, place your vase opposite and the door opens, before you walk inside it would be a good idea to save your game as this is the maze. Pull the lever to open a door eleswhere then travel past the electrical device, once you have done so your potion timer goes up and begins to descend informing you how long you have before the door into the maze locks itself, the book at the entrance to the maze explains all about it. Somewhere inside here is a chest for which you have the key and inside the chest is the Wizards staff which you need for your spell. The lever in the maze opened the door below the Carpenters workshop and inside is an old man who tells you he is hungry. Notice also the potters wheel on which you place the clay that you would of found by now. Operate the button on the potters wheel and take the soggy clay bowl. Put this on the kiln in the Wizards room and take the fired bowl. Fill this with stew from the kitchen and deliver it to the old man, he rewards you with a coin for the piggy bank in the maid's room, take the fan and the sword from inside the chests. Back in the Wizard's room put the fan on the left hand altar that prevents you reaching the love letter, the fan blows the letter off it's perch so you can take it. Put the sword on the tomb of the duelist nearby and take the jewels, put these on the tomb of the jeweller and take the pound note. You now have all the ingredients for your spell. The pearl, the love letter, the pound note and the Wizard's staff, put all of these objects into the Wizard's cauldron and take the banish spell, travel back to the passegeway of hot coals, drink the potion of faith and travel down it, place the banish spell in front of the Wizard who disappears into the floor leaving the way clear.

Level 2

Pick up the tankard, operate the floor tile and take the chest key. Travel south and pick up a second tankard then take your first left and head into the room where four hungry and thirsty soldiers are sitting. Take the third tankard and operate the floor tile, underneath is some stamina. If you look at the soldier on your left he will demand that you supply him and his three buddies with some ale. Travel out of the room and head south again, pull the lever and enter the room where the ale is. Take the tankard off the stool and fill all four tankards with the soldiers favourite brew. Before you leave open the chest with your key and take the piece of paper with the cryptic phrase on it and operate the floor tile, underneath is a door key. Deliver the ale to the soldiers who empty the tankards and open a door as a reward for your efforts. Look at the most talkative soldier and he will demand that you bring them food. Travel out of the room and straight down into the door they have opened. Inside take a stick and two chicken legs, deliver these two chicken legs to two of the soldiers as you will need the room, then travel back to the ale room where it would be a good idea to leave the tankards. In here you can pull a lever for a shortcut into a room where a soldier is sat in between two chests. He asks you for the password. Insert the stick in the hole in the wall then pull the lever. Travel up and round the u-bend operating all the floor tiles. Take the sapphires for use later on. The white pattern on the floor tile is a teleport square, stand on this to be transported to another section of the map where you come across more floor tiles, operate these and take the chicken legs, you only need two more as you have already given two to the soldiers. Check out the room where the Norse Warlords lie. Look at their tombs to read the cryptic inscriptions. Deliver the two remaining chicken legs to the soldiers who reward you with a second chest key, look at the left hand soldier once more he will demand more ale. The key is for the chest in the Norse Warriors room, take the translation potion then head back to the soldier who demands the password. Face him and drink the potion then look at the cryptic piece of paper, the letters change into the words "Herman's Home", having said this the two chests open and you can take the protection potion and a cross. Travel up to the locked door near where you found the second tankard, open the door with the key from the ale room and take the bone off the stool. Travel south once more to where the green river of poison breaks. Notice a small piece of poison lying on the floor, you loose stamina if you try to take it so drink the protection potion. Put this in the ale and then fill up the tankards once more, it is time to rid yourself of the demandind soldiers. Deliver the poisonous ale which they dispose of in one gulp, they are now quietened for ever. This action results in the locked door of this room opening. Travel up the passageway then take a left onto a teleport square. You find yourself in a room with a series of altars with blue diamonds engraved on them. Drop the sapphires you are carrying which will rid you of three of the altars and also allow you to pick up a will and a chain. Teleport back the way you came and walk straight onto the second teleport square. Pick up the 'No' from the altar then travel down into the torture chanber. One of the soldiers is hoarding a clock but he allows you to take it. You now have all four objects to give to the Norse Warlords back in their private chamber. Before you leave search till you find the altar with the combination written on it, take the piece of paper that says what's' the combination' off here. The Norse Warlords reward you with a chess piece each which you will know the relevance of if you have peeked into the chess board room near to the torture chamber. Travel to the chess board room and position your Rook and your Bishop in order to checkmate the King. The Rook goes on the square by the door on the same line of tiles as the King chess piece. The Bishop chess piece goes on the square near to the bottom of your screen with the King chess piece in a diagonal line but not on the diagonal lines of the other Bishops. When your two pieces have been positioned. The King chess piece disappears to give you access to a cigar, anothe sapphire and a teleport square. This transports you to a room where you find a "Bee tray" and the front page of a newspaper. Return to the room where the sapphire altars are and drop your new sapphire, this allows you to take a piece of paper with the words "let him have it" written on it. Back in the torture chamber you can now order the awake soldier to "let him have it", this results in the poor prisoner being stretched beyond all recognition. He instantly dies and the soldier accuses you of killing him, then he informs you he is going to tell. Take the key that has appeared on the prisoner and travel back to the throne room of the sapphire altars. You will have noticed a bottle of stamina over the river. Take this as you will need it, then set off south walking in the poison itself, stop and drink the stamina when yours ticks down too far. At the end of the river is a door which you can unlock. There is a joke here which you can take, then take a shortcut back to the torture room via a door opened by a lever and a teleport square. Back in the torture room the King has appeared. Look at him and he asks if you killed him, look at your "No" piece of paper to deny the whole thing and ignore the jeering soldiers. The King asks you to prove it at which point you can produce your newspaper which describes your whereabouts the day before, he laughs and asks you to prove it. Take the stick from the prisoner and travel back to the room where you found the joke via the shortcut. Insert the stick in the hole, pull the lever and enter the photocopying room. Pick up today's newspaper which has not yet been printed, then put yesterdays newspaper on the photocopier. This disappears which is your cue to drop today's unwritten newspaper onto the photocopier. Take your evidence and go back to face the King. Drop your newspaper on the floor and the King disappears leaving behind his crown, tell the second soldier to let his prisoner have it who screams and when asked "what's the combination" replies "I will betray". Travel back to the photocopying room and head south till you reach a crown by a locked door. Drop the crown and enter the room where you will find an eye at the end of a small river. In this room you will also find another sapphire and an orange. Put the eye, the will and the 'Bee tray' on the combination stone in that order to open the door into a new part of the level. Before you leave take the shoes from the torture room. Stand on the teleport square just beyond the now open door to discover a door key. Return straight away and progress into unknown territory where you will find a corresponding locked door. Inside this room you will find Herman. Herman tells you he's bored so look at the piece of paper that says 'let him have it'. Herman asks you who but you can't answer him yet. Operate the floor tile and take the musical note then travel back to the tuning fork which is near the photocopier (left out of Herman's room). Take the musical sharp then deposit this and the cigar on the Norse Warlord tomb of Hamlet Sharp in the same room as Herman. You recieve a stick in return which you can use on the hole just outside to give you access to another piece of paper with'crumbly wally' written on it and a teleport square. This teleports you into a square with walls all around you, look at the 'crumbly wally' piece of paper to get rid of the walls. Pick up the comedian potion which is near the family album. You will notice a teleport maze which you could get lost in forever and a room with five star filled altars in it. The teleport square in this room transports you to a room where you find the genesis device and a amplifier. Travel back to the room where you found the eye and face the soldier who asks why the chicken crossed the road. If you reply by looking at your joke without having drunk the comedian potion first the soldier won't even smirk, so drink the potion first to raise a hearty guffaw and gain access to the two chests beside him. Take the map for the teleport maze and a thermometer. Put your shoes on the Norse Warlord's tomb in the same room as the soldier as he is called Robin Sole. You need another object for this tomb before you are rewarded. Pick up the sapphire from beside the tomb then head back to the teleport maze. Use your map to survive the experience then prepare to eat the cookie monster. You will have found cookies by now so put one in his bowl to see him slurp his way across the room, devour the cookie and return to his place by the door he is blocking. To get past him you are going to have to poison him by placing a cookie beneath the spout of the same poisoned ale barrel you used to kill the soldiers then operating the tap to take a poisoned cookie. In the same room as the cookie monster are some rings which you can take and another locked door, opened by a lever. This gives you access to a shortcut round the maze and Grumbleweed, the burping cider drinker. He is still convinced he won the 'who can burp the loudest' competition. Take the camera film and head back to the camera which is near the photocopier. Insert the film and then operate the camera to be provided with a picture of you which you then put on the family album. It changes into a picture of the King which you use to tell Herman who you want to 'let him have it'. Herman then asks for his prophecy and provides you with a chest key for the chest in the same room. In here you find the Book of Icarus. After poisoning the cookie monster you have access to another teleport square and an altar with a sapphire on it. Stand on the teleport square and you find yourself at the top of the sapphire altar room. Get past the altar that is blocking your way by dropping a sapphire on it, you now have access to a pear and nearby you will find a banana and some earth. Down the left hand passageway you will find a soldier who informs you it will cost you. Take the arrow that's on his table. Travel back the way you came and turn right, down a short passageway there is another teleport square. This transports you to a small room where you will notice a cider press. Travel back to the room where the joking soldier is and put the arrow on the tomb of the Norse Warloed Robin Sole. He rewards you with a potion of extreme luck. Return to the fruit machine and put your three pieces of fruit on the rollers, operate the lever under the influence of the potion and the three pieces of fruit turn into apples which you can take. At the same time a pile of gold coins appears in the small room beside the fruit machine, but a locked door prevents you from reaching them. Put all three apples on the cider press and take the bottle of cider. Your task now is to beat Grumbleweed in your own 'who can burp the loudest' competition. Fill up one of the tankards in Herman's room with ale then travel back to Grumbleweed. Give him the cider so he can produce one of his most excellent burps then put the amplifier on the square beside him, stand on the amplifier then drink your ale. You win the competition and Grumbleweed hands over the flytrap plant. You now have all the objects you need to create the planets from the genisis device. Insert the thermometer which will provide you with the planet Mercury, the rings to give you Saturn, the flytrap to give you Venus and the earth to give you Earth. Place the planets in the correct order on the cosmos altars (Mercury, Earth, Venus, Saturn) and the last altar lights up to represent the sun. Put the Book of Icarus on here and you are rewarded with Herman's prophecy. Dutifully deliver this to Herman and he will give you the key for the room where the coins are lurking. Give these to the soldier who says 'It will cost you', the last door opens and you're on your way to level three. the Haunted Gallery.

Level 3

You start the level standing by a door, nearby is a key and the logical thing to do is insert the key in the door. Iff you do this you will meet the first ghost of level three who appears as you unlock the door, sails over to a lever nearby, locks the door you've just opened, then disappears back down it's hole. Nothing will cover this hole properly to prevent the spectre getting out and foiling your plans. Explore the room you are in instead and meet the mummy who won't talk to you and a vampire that wants his well done, whatever that means. Operate three floor tiles to find some stamina, a box of matches and a chest key, take the bag of cement and the piece of paper that says 'please will you move'. Put one of the toy blocks that are lying around in the toy box to meet another spectre. This one prevents you getting in the door from which he materialises. Pull the lever by another locked door and head into the room where you can dispose of your cement in the cement mixer, pick up some pebbles which you can change to sand on the grinding machine in the first room. Put the sand in the cement mixer and travel down to the second room where you will notice the ghost trap, a conveyor belt operated by a lever and a floor tile which you can operate, beneath it is a stick. Beyond the trap is a slimy river which takes away your stamina, travel down here to reach a chest that opens with your key. Inside is a piece of guttering. On the way back don't forget to pick up the binoculars and extra stamina. Put the guttering between the cement mixer and the water barrel, operate the tap on the barrel, then operate the cement mixer. Grab the cement that appears next to it then return triumphantly to the hole in the first room which you can now plug up for eternity. Finally you can leave this room and meet the zombie that refuses to get out of your way even when you ask him nicely. Insert the stick in the hole and operate the lever to gaim access to a room with a Hoover in it. Operate the floor tile to take a piece of paper that says 'Where is M'. Take the portable ghost trap and the stick that looks slightly different to the sticks you find to open doors with. You are now equipped out to dispose of the playful ghost in the first room. Put the trap down between the toy box and the door, then put a toy block in the toy box. The ghost appears then promptly disappears into your trap. It would be a good idea now to empty your trap in the permanent ghost trap near the conveyor belt so you can use it again. Return to the room you have just gained access to and speak to the vampire who tells you to find his wife. Operate the floor tiles and take the chicken egg and a fly then return to the first room where you can put the fly in the cobweb to take a tempermental spider that turns into a chest key each time you put him down. He obviously needs a stabilising treatment of some kind so put him in the molecular stabiliser next to the mummy nearby. He changes permanently into a chest key and the mummy informs you he's in shock. Obviously got a weak stomach. Open the chest near to where you found the pebbles and take a second stick. Travel back to the river of slime that crosses your path near to the exit out of the room where you began the level. Make sure you have plenty of stamina then set off down the right hand fork of the river. (This is your right not Infinity's). At the end of the river insert the stick into the hole and pull the lever, this opens the door into another room. Inside you can drop your 'different looking ' stick onto the lathe and fashion yourself something which resembles a stake. Pull the lever in this room for a shortcut to avoid the slime river, then return to the unsuspecting vampire in the room where you began the level. Drop the stake on his coffin and take the teeth which you get in return. Put the teeth and the box of matches on the tomb of Arson Molar in the room where the conveyor belt is and take the angry potion. Go and face the stubborn zombie who blocks the passageway, drink the angry potion and look at the piece of paper that says 'Please will you move'. Being timid he disappears at the hint of a raised voice so you can progress into a small courtyard where yet another zombie blocks your way. There's a vampire here also who takes your stamina each time you try and take the calendar day that's sat on his coffin. Take the bell and the music sheet then return to the room where the wifeless vampire lives and put the binoculars and the sheet music on the tomb of 'Brahms Seeformiles'. Take the door key you recieve in return. Travel back to the locked door in the small courtyard and open it with your key. In here notice another ghost. Put the ghost trap down between the spectre and the telephone then operate the telephone that is nearest to the door. He obediently dashes over to answer it and in the process disappears inside your trap. In this room you can put your 'Where is M' piece of paper onto the book of names and take the new piece of paper which says 'Where is Mestophiles'. Take the tape which is also in this room and Cupid's bow. Go and face the zombie in the small courtyard then ask him where Mestophiles is. So scared by the mention of the great one's name he vanishes into thin air allowing you to pick up a second bell, a piece of paper which says 'Is anybody there' and get into another room. In here you will notice three altars with hammers attached to them and a mummy who says 'play me a tune'. If you put the two bells on the altars then operate the lever the hammers will tap out a tune on the bells, as you are missing one, nothing will happen yet. Pick up the Santa hat and operate the lever allowing you access to a strange room where the two objects inside it constantly evade your grasp. From here you can reach another room where another ghost lurks near a televison, take the tennis racket nearby. Return to the room where the cement mixer is and put chicken egg in the nest, the chicken wanders over and sits down. Put the tape in the tape recorder and operate it, the sound of the barking dog alarms the chicken who makes a sharp exit, leaving behind dome of it's feathers. Put these beneath the conveyor belt so when you pull the lever, the object that sails along it doesn't smash on the floor but lands safely on the feathers. The object is an upturned glass. Travel to the room where you may have noticed a ouija board, put the upturned glass on the top of it then look at the piece of paper that says "is there anybody there'. The glass slides over to the word 'yes' and the chests open allowing you to take the Hoover bag and the stethescope. Put the stethoscope and cupids bow on the tomb of Doctor Love in the small courtyard, you are rewarded with the third bell. Put this on the last altar and operate the lever, you here a short tune and the mummy rewards you with a key for the door next to him. Unlock this to discover a maze filled with rivers of slime. All you need to get through the maze is plenty of stamina. At the end find a key which fits the locked door in the room with the bells in it. This is the door to Mestophiles chamber. Stand on the pentagram and look at the piece of paper that says 'Where is Mestophiles' the evil one dutifully appears, look at him and he asks you to find his ring. Take the chalice from this room, the flower and the piece of paper which says 'I wish I was in Kansas'. You may have read about Susan the Zombie with hay fever who only materialises when she sneezes. The room she is hiding in is the room where the telephones are so put your flower in the vase in this room and she will appear with a violent sneeze. Look at the Zombie and she will inform you that she wants to look like you. travel back to the room with the ouija board in it and fill up the chalice with brandy from the barrel. Deliver this to the mummy who is in shock and he will give you a potion of thieves. Drink this in order to take the calendar day from the stubborn vampire in the small courtyard then take your prize to the room with the Hoover in it. Put the hoover bag in the Hoover then put the calendar day on the altar where you found the book about the vampire's wife.When she has appeared operate the Hoover and she is sucked inside the hoover bag which you can remove. Deliver the full Hoover bag to the love lost vampire who asked you to find his wife, he rewards you with a mirror spell. Take this down to the zombie who wants to look like you and drop it in the square in front of her. She transforms into your double and returns Mestophiles ring. Take this to Mestophiles who rewards you with some mistletoe and tells you to prove that you are evil. Put the mistletoe and the Santa hat on the tomb of Nicholas Kiss, take the invisible potion. Drink this so you can creep up to the two objects that keep jumping out of your grasp in the room near the bells. The objects are a piece of paper with the word 'Innocent' written on it, and a telekinesis potion. In tha small courtyard you may have noticed a potion that is too far away for you to pick up. Drink the telekinesis potion and look at the piece of paper that says 'Will you move please', the potion that sails towards you is a potion of evil. Go and stand on the pentagram nearby and look at the piece of paper that says 'I wish I were in Kansas', you are magically transported to a room where a zombie sits on trial for stealing some pebbles. Look at the zombie and the two mummies inform you of his charge and then ask you whay your verdict is. Look at the piece of paper with the word 'Innocent' written on it' under the influence of the potion of evil. Instead of saying innocent you say guilty and the poor zombie is instantly executed, nothing remains of him but a piece of zombie face which you can take. Deliver this to Mestophiles to prove how evil you are, he rewards you with a book 'Wuthering Heights' then asks you to give him your soul. Put the book and the tennis racket on the tomb of Martina Bronte and take the TV areial. Make sure your ghost trap is empty then head back to the room where the ghost and the television are located. Put the ghost trap on the floor between the ghost and the television then put the TV areial on top of the television. The ghost will be swallowed whole by your trap allowing you to reach the key that was behind him. Deposit him in the ghost trap in the conveyor belt room, this results in the trap expolding, move out of the way and you will notice a drop of your blood on the floor. Return to Mestophiles chamber where you can now unlock the door and view for the first time the imposing soul stealer. Put your blood on here to bring the machine to life then hold your breath as you are stripped of your soul. After the soul stealer has done it's worst you can pick up your soul and deliver it to the evil Mestophiles who informs you that you now have the power of evil, enough in fact to murder your beloved brother. On to level four.

Level 4

Pick up the light bulb and walk into the next room, speak to the monk sat in-between two chests, he says 'The Lord be with you'. Operate the floor tile nearby, underneath you will find a layrel wreath. Walk to the left and operate a second floor tile near to the lamp, take the apple that was underneath it. Pull the lever and go through the door and operate a third floor tile that's hidden beneath a book, under here is a vanish spell. Take this and return to the lamp where you would have seen a Knight, each time you put the light bulb in the lamp the light bulb lights up and the Knight travels over to the lamp and removes the bulb before returning to his original position. Put the vanish spell on the floor between the Knight and the lamp before putting the light bulb in the lamp. The Knight stands on the spell and vanishes giving you access to the piece of paper that says 'and also with you'. Go and stand opposite the monk and look at your piece of paper, the chests open allowing you to take some stamina and a flower. Travel back to the place where you found the vanish spell and begin to walk down the river nearby, top up your stamina when it gets low. At the end of the river is the 'Tomb of the King's Knight Caesar Petal', put your laurel wreath and flower on here and take the stamina that appears in their place. Near to the monk is a locked door, insert the door key and enter a room where you will notice a courtier who has got hiccups, operate the floor tiles near to the pianola, take the rosary beads and firework. Return to previous room and drop the rosary beads into the fountian of confusion and take the prayer book. Drop the book and the apple on the 'Tomb of the King's Knight Eve Holywords'. Take the stick that appears and return to the place where you found the rosary beads, travel down the passageway until you find a hole in the wall, insert the stick, pull the lever and open the door. When you walk in this room the door locks behind you, operate the two floor tiles in this room and take Excalibur and the deflated balloon. Drop excalibur onto the hand that's sticking out of the water, it disappears allowing you to reach a vanish spell and the lever that opens the door to get back out. Drop the vanish spell between the Knight and the sweetie jar then take one of the sweeties that are lying around on the floor and put in the jar, the knight vanishes as he moves to take it allowing you to reach a piece of paper that says "I've found your watch' and the King's watch". Leave the room and travel back to the fountian where you put the rosary beads, next to this is the wind stone, put the deflated balloon on here to change it to an inflated balloon. Put this down in front of the courtier with hiccups, the balloon bursts which gives the courtier enough of a fright to rid him of his hiccups. He gives you a picture of twins in return. Put the picture in the fountian of Gemini situated in the room where you found Excalibur and take the double action potion. This potion allows you to open the troublesome door controlled by two levers near to the pianola, this allows you to enter the room where the baby prince lies peacefully in his cot, until you try to take the sun symbol that is, he screams violently each time you try to remove it, take the piece of paper which says 'the baby is crying'. Leave this room and travel further down the passageway, the room at the end is the King's chamber. The monk in this room asks if you repent your sins which of course you don't. The king asks you to tell her he loves her and allows you take a rose so you can say it with flowers. If you give the king his watch he puts it on his watch stand but doesn't reward you in any way. To take back his watch you have to tell him the baby is crying and he will go and stand beside the child. When he is stood beside the child you can't give him any of the items he asks for, to make him return to his place by the watch stand you have to tell him the tannoy is broken. Take the door key and the nightingale before you leave this room. Travel back up the passageway and find the locked door that fits the key you are carrying. Inside this room is a courtier who seems to be slightly deaf and another Knight who is preventing your reaching some altars, nearby is a jewellery box. Operate the floor tile and take the cream cake then travel back to the baby's room, nearby is a lever that opens a door into a room where you notice another monk who wants to be your friend even though you don't want to be his, also in here is a machine gun and the 'Tomb of the King's Fawkes Eclair'. Put the firework and the cream cake on here, take the slimfast potion. Travel back to the room where the weighing scales are and drink the potion before standing between the two chests, They open allowing you to take a stick and a piece of paper with 'I love you' written on it. Go and find the second hole in the wall which is situated beyond the room where you found excalibur. Insert the stick, operate the lever and enter the previously unexplored territory. In here is a nurses bag, it would be a good idea to put the nightingale on here so you can take the throat lozenge that appears in it's place. Operate the floor tile and take the vanish spell. A shortcut out of this room allows you access to the room where the courtier is that can't seem to hear you. In the passageway between the two rooms is a protection potion which allows you to take the flux capacitor. Deliver the throat lozenge to the courtier who has lost his voice near to the river, he rewards you with a music sheet. Down a short passage you will find an interesting looking room with four lightening altars inside it, a watch stand and a laser. Drop the flux capacitor inside the laser then put the singular prismatic orb you find in this room onto the nearest altar to the laser. Operate the laser to see the results of your actions. If you put the King's watch on the watch stand then tell the King through the tannoy in his room that you have found his watch, the king comes searching for it, if the watch is there he retrieves it. If the watch is missing he just walks away. Take the music sheet and put it on the bed of nails in the room where you've met the friendless monk. Take the music sheet full of holes and put it on the pianola, this opens a chest in the room next door which has been hiding a soprano potion. You can now sing the password to the courtier in the king's chambers, he opens a door for you allowing you into the queen's chambers. The queen gives you a note for the king in return for the rose but she appears to want nothing more out of life than an endless supply of chocolate. Operate the floor tile and take the chest key and pick up the jewellery from the queen's table. The key fits the chest in the same room as the nurses bag, inside is a paintbrush. Put the vanish spell down between the knight and the jewellery box then put the jewellery in the box. The knight vanishes as he moves over to take it. You now have access to the first emerald altar and the potion of repentance which is perched on top of it. Return to the monk who wants you to repent your sins, drink the potion and look at him, he asks you once again but this time you lie through your teeth telling him of course you will repent. He lets you have the white rabbit from the chest beside him. Put the white rabbit in the hat in the same room to open a further two chests, take the prismatic orb and the marksman potion. Before you leave give the note to the king who rewards you with a hearing aid and asks you to bring him his sceptre. Go and stand behind the machine gun, drink the potion and operate the gun. This time you hit the lever which opens the door below you. In here is another knight who prevents you reaching a chest key and a railway track with a train on it that doesn't seem to be working. Operate the floor tile and take the unbrella. Deliver the hearing aid to the deaf courtier and take the quiet potion. Drink this whilst facing the courtier who asks you to whisper the password, then look at your piece of paper which says 'I love you'. He opens the locked door besides him as a reward. Inside notice the battery charger and take the picture of night and day off the floor. Put this in the fountian of opposites in the room where the nurses's bag is and take the emerald that appears in it's place. Put this in the emerald altar which disappears allowing you to reach the next altar which has an alter ego potion sat on top of it. Drink this potion whilst facing the monk who wants you to be his friend then look at him. Instead of saying no you say yes and he allows you to take the king's sceptre from out of the chest beside him. Deliver the sceptre to the king who rewards you a sovereign. Put this in the fountian of King's near the weighing scales and take the ankh that appears. Put this in the fountian of Egypt next to the queen and take the third emerald. Put this on the next emerald altar and take the picture of Notre Dame which you can place on the 'Tomb of the King's Quasi Da Vinci' along with the paint brush. You now have another vanish spell so proceed back into the queen's chamber and find the door bell, nearby is a locked door. Place the spell in position just outside the door then operate the door bell. The knight that was lurking on the other side of the door pokes his head out to see who it is and vanishes, you can now explore the room he was gaurding. Inside is a barometer where you can put the umbrella, take the emerald that appears. You are probably fed up feeding the queen chocolate by now so put one of the bars into the cyanide, give it to the queen who doesn't ask for any more chocolate and instead gives you the combination to the chests gaurded by the monk nearby. Stand in front of him and look at the numbers in your rucksack to open the chests. Take the prismatic orb and the picture of the Holy Ghost. Drop the emerald onto the last altar, take the battery , the vanish spell and the numerical potion that are lying behind it. Return to the battery charger and charge the battery before putting it in the power pack that drives the train. The train steams off down the track and pushes the paternal potion that was lying out of reach into a place where you can take it. Drink the paternal potion and take the sun symbol from the prince's cot, this time he doesn't scream. Travel to the room where you charged your battery and locate the fountian of the father which controls two doors that prevent you reaching a monk. Put the sun symbol and the picture of the Holy Ghost into the fountian and the doors unlock allowing you to look at the monk. He asks you for the combination so drink the numerical potion, look at the original four numbers that made up the first combination so you can recite them in a different order. The chests beside the monk open allowing you to take the last prismatic orb and a drinking vessel. Return to the last remaining knight and put the vanish spell between him and the barrel. Put the drinking vessel down under the spout of the barrel and operate the tap. The thirsty knight meets his fate on your cunning spell allowing you to take the chest key he was guarding. Open the chest in the baby's room and take the theory of relativity which you can put in the fountian of Einstein. This can be found near the barometer. Take the genius potion you recieve in return which makes you clever enough to operate the IQ test, the chest beside it opens and you can take the super glue. You now have everything you need to carry out your dastardy plan so retrace your footsteps back to the room where the laser and the lightening altars are positioned. Put all remaining prismatic orbs on the altars, put the watch on it's stand and the glue on the floor. Summon the king by telling him you have found his watch through the tannoy then wait for him to appear. When he walks over to his watch he finds himself stuck on the glue, this allows you to sneak over and operate the laser. The electrical beam bounces off each prismatic orb until it hits the poor king and fries him to a cinder.

valhalla 2 walkthrough end


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