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Xplora 1Peter Gabriel's Secret World cheats



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Xplora 1Peter Gabriel's Secret World cheats


Xplora 1Peter Gabriel's Secret World cheats


Windows Version
In Peter Gabriel's Secret World, the user has a variety of new adventures to experience. Three of these experiences are of a puzzle nature. The first puzzle encountered is the "Face Puzzle" in which the user must put together Peter Gabriel's face in order to proceed to the rest of the program. Another puzzle is an ongoing search for items to put in the briefcase Peter Gabriel gives to the player at the onset of the journey. Four of the twelve items are passes to allow the player access into certain sections of the program such as the backstage pass to see the Drummers of Burundi or see Peter's performance at the Grammy Awards. The third puzzle is a Jam Session inside Real World Studios. The object of this puzzle is to make combinations from fifteen different artists. The trick is to please the Producer, Brian Eno, who is an on-screen assistant and find the thirty-three possible variations. The following two sections are the locations of the dozen briefcase items and the combinations of musicians to create all thirty-three clips.

Face Puzzle

The puzzle consists of choosing three of twelve face pieces that make up Peter Gabriel's face. Two columns of six make up the selections. The solution is to choose:

1) Eyes: The top right hand pair of eyes is the correct choice.

2) Nose: The lower left nose piece is Peter Gabriel's.

3) Mouth: The upper left mouth piece completes the puzzle.

Do not despair if the correct combination is elusive. Peter Gabriel will put the puzzle together when he thinks that he has frustrated the player enough.

Briefcase Item Locations

At the beginning of the program, a briefcase is given to the player. The main screen of Xplora1 is a four piece interface which happens to be the Face puzzle from the very beginning. Except for the main screen, the briefcase may be accessed by placing the mouse cursor over the top selection of the color bar. The mouse cursor "hand" will turn into a "briefcase silhouette". Clicking at that point opens the briefcase. The briefcase is put away by clicking the "-" sign in the upper left corner of the little window. The picture of the briefcase can be opened or closed by clicking on the briefcase itself. In order to fill this briefcase follow these directions:

1). Blue Pass: Backstage pass to the Drummers of Burundi at WOMAD. To find this piece, start at the main Face screen. Click on the ear. On the next screen, click on what we call the "Stone Wheel". Underneath the video screen is a black and white picture of the Drummers of Burundi. Click on this. On this screen is a small blue rectangle. This is the pass. Click on this to place it in the briefcase.

2). Grammy Pass: This pass gives the player access into the Grammy performance video.

3). "US" Bar: Does nothing but pick it up. To obtain this pass from the main screen, click on the eye piece. On the next screen, click on the photo album. The next screen will actually have two items on it. The small red rectangle and the small brown rectangle with "US" on top of the photo album can be placed in the briefcase by clicking on each one.

4). White Card: Does nothing but pick it up. This item is in the Real World Studios walk about. To get there from the main screen, click on the nose piece. On the next screen, click on the orange and red pass that has the words "Real World Studios" on it. This will be the walk about. The first stop is near a water fall. The second stop is in an alley. The only room in this alley is the Mixing Room. In this room at the bottom right corner is a white rectangle. Clicking on this will place it into the briefcase. The briefcase can, of course, be closed by clicking the "-" on the small window.

5). Rehearsal Pass: This permits the user to enter Grammy rehearsals.

6). British Pass: This pass permits the user to attend the performance.

7). Snake: This object unleashes the "Love Bomb" if enough other items are picked up. These three items may be picked up in series in one location. From the main screen, choose the mouth piece of the face. This is the video library. The little tea pot icon (fourth from the left) represents the Steam video. Click on the tea pot. Once the steam screen has come up, the first item is visible. It is the small green rectangle (British Pass) on the top section of the color bar which is always visible throughout the program in the lower left corner. The next item is located in the picture which may be accessed by clicking on the light blue color bar section. This is third from the bottom on the color bar and brings up a picture. Click the mouse when the mouse cursor is placed over the picture. Clicking while the cursor is like this will open the picture. The picture has a couple hidden scenes which may be seen by clicking when the cursor turns into a white circle. At the lower right corner of the picture is the snake item. The last item in the steam section is in the interview with Peter Gabriel which is triggered by clicking the bottom of the color bar. The Rehearsal Pass is in the upper right corner of the screen.

8). Apple: This is simply another item to pick up. This item is located in the Blood of Eden video screen within the interview with Peter Gabriel. From the Main screen, choose the mouth piece. The third icon from the left is the Blood of Eden video. Once there, click the bottom of the color bar. The apple is in the lower midsection of the screen.

9). Sunflower: This is another item to pick up. The sunflower can be found by starting at the main screen and clicking the mouth piece. The item is at the lower right corner of the "US " screen. Click on it to put it in the briefcase.

10). Red Pepper: This is another item to pick up. From the main screen, select the mouth piece then select the video icon which displays the shovel. From this point, choose the third from the bottom section of the color bar. This displays an interesting picture. Click on the picture. When it is full screen, the red pepper will be at the lower left corner. Click on different parts of the picture to see hidden videos.

11). Guitar Pick: This is another item to pick up. Starting at the main screen, choose the ear piece then the constellation which is on the next screen. This will lead to WOMAD. At the lower left of the pamphlet, the guitar pick is visible. Pick this up by clicking on it. Exploring the map with a click of the mouse in different sections will give the player access to several WOMAD performances.

12). Keys: This is another item to pick up. From the main screen, select the ear piece then select the drum. The first drum on the right is next to be selected. On this Sabar screen in the lower right corner of the picture of the drum, the keys are ready to be clicked on.

Jam Session

Each of the numbers in the following grid represents one of artists in the Jam Session section of the Real World Studios walk about. Combining the musicians in the sequences listed will show all the clips. To select an artist click on his picture. To deselect him, click on him again.

1 2 3 4 5

6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15


1 1,2

2 2,3

3 1,2,3,8,9

4 1,2,8,9,10,15

5 1,2,8,9,10

6 1,4,7,9,12,14,15

7 4,7

8 1,10

9 2,8

10 4,5,7

11 3,5,6

12 3,6

13 6,8

1,2,6,9,10 1,2,4,9,10,11,13

2,3,6 1,4

4,7,9,12,15 1,4,13



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