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x-wing alliance cheats



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X-wing Alliance cheats


x-wing alliance cheats


Fly All Ships
To do this trick, you have to go into Windows Explorer or whatever it is you use to look at all your computer files. Go to your Alliance folder and look for a docment called 'shiplist'. when you open it, it shows you ship names, classes, etc. Near the end of the line, you'll see either the word flyable, or non-flyable. To add a ship to the flyable list, just type in flyable in the place of non-flyable.

NOTE: With the larger ships like Star Destroyers and Cruisers, handling is EXTREMELY slow and the turrets don't work. Also, with any of the added ships, engine sounds don't work and sometimes cockpits don't show up.

This next cheat only works with X-Wing Alliance v1.00!

Press ESC during the game (favorably in the Concourse / aboard your Family Transporter). Go to the 'General Options'. At the bottom you can set the preset values for 'F11' and 'F12'. Now set the 'Beam Level' to Zero.

Note: This only works when you don't have a Beam Weapon installed ! (tnx 2 LoX)

When flying press your new-edited F11-key (or F12 whatever) and you're in for a surprise. The game seems to allocate energy for the Beam Weapon even if you don't have one installed - and since we set the Beam Recharge Level to Zero you are getting that energy added to your engines !!!

This will give you an edge especially with the slower ships (e.g. Y-Wing, CORT's ...).

Outrun Missiles/Torps
Sick of getting killed by little renegade missiles or torps? You can simply escape them by doing these things: When you are being targeted try to dodge by waiting right before they get a solid lock tone on you then break really hard, or when the missile gets launched hit "/" and then hit"*" and turn it so you can see the direction of the missile and wait for it to come to you. When it's about .50 clicks from impact on you break really hard or bank off then reverse throttle and come to a dead stop. The missile or torp should sail right over you. But beware they will chase you for a while, so when you get away from it, come around and get on it's tail. Then you can target it with "I" and get a laser or missile/torp lock on the missile itself, then blast it to bits before it can come around for another pass. If you are going after something extremely important like a capital ship stay on it and pump everything into either shields or engines. If you rever! t to engines then you better make sure you can get in close enough that the capital ship will blast it or you can move in and bank at the last second and let the capital ship take the hit.

Note:This is much easier in a rebel ship because of maneuverability.


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