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Dear Friends,

Playing in the favourite game You collide with such problem, that You can not pass game or games. For this purpose You should search for cheats or solutions, hints, tricks, walkthroughs.

You will not come to look through one site behind another. The newest, modern game's cheats and solutions You can find on the site Your Cheats. There are cheats and solutions for the most various genres: simulators, strategy, actions... on the site. Choose from A to Z and You will get cheats!!!!

Our site collection have about 2000 cheats and solutions.

I wish You to pass game and good time send on the site Your Cheats. Any wishes, advices or Yours game cheats or solutions you can send to A-lexKN.

If You will find any bug in our new design, inform us!

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21 July 2002. It is YourCheats birthday. We are 1 year in the Internet (from 21 July 2001).

Today 21 July 2002 our visitors have apdated site with 119 newest game cheat codes and great design with easy navigation.