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abuse cheats



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Abuse cheats

abuse cheats

The only built-in cheat is God Mode.

* Start Abuse with -edit
* Make sure the cursor is in the window
* Press SHIFT and Z at the same time.
* Press TAB to start playing

Abuse - Demo

Secret levels
The two secrets in the first level are pretty cool, they include a warp section that lets you jump to any level in the demo.
Here's how you get to them (spoiler):

First Secret (get some good weapons)

Kill the two flyers, go down the hole that opens up. Flip the switch and grab the ammo. Run right and use the teleporter. Then, go right, stop before you fall down the pit. Jump across the pit to the little ledge. There's an invisible teleporter there, but the instructions to press down to teleport will appear. Press down, you're in the secret area. Grab the ammo and you now have the grenade launcher and the rocket launcher.

Second Secret (you wanna go where?!)

After you drop down from the bonus weapons, to the left you'll find a save station. Just to the left of that are some ceiling tiles with cracks. Blow away the ceiling to reveal a jump-booster. Jump up and to the left. Run along the upper corridor until a tube opening appears. Go through it and you'll be in a room with four end-level thingies (those multi-armed numbers that look like robo-surgeon gone bad). Each one will take you to a different level...

Hey, who's actually maintaining a FAQ around here? Looks like it's too late to start my own. :^)

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