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alone in the dark solution



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Alone In The Dark solution

alone in the dark solution

Alone In The Dark - Complete Solution

New Beginnings
You start off in the attic. Quickly go to the options menu and select ?Push¦. Now
head over to the left-hand side of the wardrobe and move it in front of the window
- this prevents the flying creature from entering. Afterwards, shove the chest over
the trapdoor to stop the zombie from climbing up through. If you-re too slow in
doing these things, you-ll have to fight the monsters by hand. Just kick repeatedly
and they shouldn-t be too much of a problem.
Now that you-re safe (for the moment at least), it-s time to explore. Open the
chest and take the rifle. Now get the lamp from the table. Search behind the piano
to the right to discover a note. Read it and then drop it. Search the small bookcase
and read the book you pick up (Extracts Of The Golden Fleece), then drop it.
Finally, open the wardrobe and get the Indian rug that-s inside. Find the small
door in the corner, to the right of the barrels, open it and go down the steps into
the storage area. On the right-hand side of the shelves you-ll find some oil. Pick it
up, use it, then drop it. Get the bow, open the door and make your way out into
the hallway to the bedroom on the left - and watch out for the weak floorboards.
As soon as you enter the room, close the door (this stops a zombie from coming
in). Go over and search the desk to find a key. Use this to open the chest. Now get
the old sabre and drop the key. If you use the sabre at any time and it breaks, save
both pieces for later - don-t drop them. Ready the rifle, open the door and shoot
the zombie twice to kill him. Go into the room opposite, close the door quickly
and walk through to the next bedroom via the door. A flying creature will come in
through the window - shoot it twice to kill it.
Go over to the bed and find the vase. Pick it up and throw it at a wall. Now pick
up the key that was inside. Go over to the dresser and search it to find the two
small mirrors. Take these items and exit via the closed door. Head across to the
first bathroom, closing the door once you enter. Search the closet, take the first
aid case, open it and then nab the flask (this restores some of your health when
you drink it, so use as and when). Drop the first aid case and leave the bathroom.
Turn left and walk to the end of the hallway. Open the door and to the left and
right of you, at the top of the wooden stairs, you-ll see a pair of gargoyles. If you
get too close they-ll break the mirrors you-re carrying and kill you. To defeat
them, keep close to the wall and make your way to the corner where the small
statues stand on a table. Drop a mirror on each of these statues then retreat
backwards - the gargoyles- reflections will then kill them.
Go down the stairs and head to the right. Be careful of the knight - avoid him by
staying on the opposite side of the hallway when you walk past. Go through the
closed door and do not touch the ghost in the chair, just slip past. Take the
matchbox from the mantel piece - but ignore the poker. Now search the wardrobe,
take the cartridges and reload the rifle. On the way out, pick up the gramophone.
Again, walk past the knight carefully. Now go to the end of the corridor and turn
right. Ignore the first two doors to your left (for the moment) and enter the next
door on your right. The room should be dark, so use the matches to light the
lantern. Go over and find the heavy statue, pick it up and exit. Switch to any other
mode to conserve the oil in your lantern, then go to the knight. When you are
about three feet away, throw the statue at him and then get his sword, which is
good for dealing with most creatures. A bit further on from where you are is an
opening leading downstairs, to the right. Go down here and at the bottom of the
stone steps go left through the closed door.
In this room you-ll see a statue of a girl and a goat. Search said statues, take the
three arrows you find and then leave the room quickly before the spiders drop
from the ceiling (you can-t kill them). Head back upstairs past the knight and turn
right as before. Open the door on the left and take the notebook from the mantel
piece. Read it, then drop it. there-s another flying thing here, which you should
shoot twice to kill. Leave the room and, before entering the next door on the left,
save your game. Ready the knight-s sword, open the door and head for the jug in
the corner. Use the sword on the creature in the bathtub once when it tries to
attack you. When it retreats for a second, grab the jug. Use the sword again to
protect yourself and then exit. Save the game, go back in, use the sword, search
the closet, and take the first aid case. Use the sword once more to cover your exit,
and leave. Once outside, open the case, take the flask (it heals your wounds) and
drop the case.

Halfway There Now
Head back to the darkened room and use the lantern. Drop it on the floor, search
the table near the bed and take the two bullets. Grab the book and your lamp, then
exit the room. Once outside, read the book and drop it, then follow the narrow
corridor along to the closed door. This leads to the picture gallery. First, drop the
Indian rug under the picture of Davey Crockett, then move up the corridor slowly
until you are close to the second archway. Save your game. Now use the bow to
fire at the Indian picture at the end of the gallery. You get three chances, but you
only need to score one direct hit for the desired effect. You may now walk to the
end of the corridor safely. Take the door to the right, push the clock to the side
and search the hole. Take the key to Jeremy-s study and the parchment, which you
should read, then drop. Get the fake book and leave.
Go to the double-doors on the left as you come back up the hallway and save your
game. When you open the door it will be dark. Quickly enter and drop the lantern.
Now run left through the passage by the books, right past the secret door and
along to the end. In the right-hand corner you-ll see that a couple of books are
missing. Drop the fake book here (you won-t get a message, just assume that
you-ve done it). Run quickly back the way you came and the secret door will have
opened, so go through it - the purple people eater (or whatever it is) won-t come
in. Get the talisman, then go over to the shelves and get the three daggers and the
books. Stand in the middle of the circle on the floor and read the books, drop
them and then use the dagger with the curly end. Leave the room and when you
see the purple thing, stab it with this dagger to kill it. Pick up your lantern and
then leave through the closed door across the room. You come out where you
originally found the knight. Drop all the daggers - and any arrows you have left -
and then go down the stone steps as before. Go through the closed door on the
right to enter the kitchen. Take the soup from the stove, open the little door to the
left, go in, turn around and get ready for the zombie that tries to follow you (use
the sword or gun).
Search the coal pile. Take the shoebox, open it and pick up the pistol. Pick up the
can of oil and use the jug on the water barrel in the corner. Leave the room and
use the oil, then drop the empty can and the empty shoebox. Go to the pantry,
search the cupboards and eat the biscuits (to restore health). Drop the empty box.
Take the keys on the ring, but ignore the knives in the cupboard. Take the door
next to the little one and follow the corridor along to the next set of closed doors.
These lead to the dining room, where you can either place the soup on the table to
distract the zombies or just slash at them with the sword. Once you-ve dealt with
them, go into the parlour.
Head over to the table, pick up the lighter and use the jug to extinguish the cigar.
Search the cabinet near the window and take the book. don-t take the record. Read
the book then drop it. Use the golden key to open the doors to your right, go into
the study and drop the key. Go to the right corner and search it. Now take the
record and the book (again, after you-ve read it drop it to prevent excess
baggage). Leave the study and go through the closed doors from the parlour.
Walk straight across the hallway, open the door and use the sword on the pirate.
Take the key that he drops. Pick up the book by the paintings, read it and then
drop it. Now open the closed doors to the left using the pirate-s key.

The Final Confrontation
Enter the dancehall, remembering to avoid the dancers and the record. Use the
green record from the study, grab the key from the mantel piece and, again, avoid
the dancers on the way out. Once you-re clear, drop the pirate-s key, the record
and the gramophone. Return to the study and drop the old sabre on the shield with
one sword on it. The bed will move aside, revealing some steps. Go down them.
Proceed towards the bridge and jump across it quickly before it falls away into the
abyss. Head down the giant worm tunnel to the left, then go right at the fork (jump
twice) to avoid the worm itself. don-t bump into the rock ahead, but go right.
Immediately, select the pistol and fire twice at the flying thing, then continue.
don-t leave the hole completely until the worm appears.
As soon as you see him, double-back quickly. When you get to the sharp rock
there-ll now be a new entrance. Go down here and jump onto the walkway.
Quickly jump across this, always keeping to the left. At the end, climb up on the
ledge above and use the knight-s sword on the monster. Follow the corridor until
you come to the pillars - you have to jump across these one by one. Use the sword
to fend off the flying creature. Continue onwards until the path forks - and go left.
At the wooden bridges, go right at the sabre and left at the skull. Use the sword on
the flying creature, open the chest with the key from the dancehall and take the
gem and book. Read the book and then drop it (shock!).
Push the rock aside and enter the tiny cavern at the back of the chest. Follow this,
leap down and then walk past the closed stone door to your left. Use the lantern
and enter the maze. Head right, following the outside wall until you come to a
door with a hole in it. Put the gem in here to open the door, then quickly jump
into the water and head for the tree in the centre of the cavern, avoiding the
fireballs. At the altar, drop the talisman and get the hook.
Light the lantern and throw it at the tree. Now get the lantern and leave
immediately. Head to the rock ledge to the right, avoid the boulders and use the
hook to open the stone doors. Run around the walkway and up into the tunnel.
Head right, then follow the path straight up at the point where you first sighted the
worm. Enter the small hole. This-ll take you to the cellar. Go up the stairs to the
ground floor, open the double-doors and escape to freedom... Yes, that was all
there was to it - you-ve won!


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