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army men cheats



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Army Men cheats

army men cheats


Open first mission: Type a during the opening menu to enable the first mission of each scenario!

Army Men hit the escape key and type the following words

Succumb--lose the scenario
Triumph--win the scenario
Omnisicient--toggle between your view and omniscient view of all troops
Pyromancer--toggle right button explosion
Aeroballistics--add full air support
Invulnerable--makes sarge invulnerable
Paralysis--pins foes in place
Telekinetic--teleport sarge anywhere in the world (get into scroll mode first and scroll where you want to go)
Plethora--full up on ammo
Occultation--stealth mode (sarge won't be spotted unless he shoots)
Kahuna--Add explosions, omniscient view, and invulnerability


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