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battle arena toshinden 1,2 cheats



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Battle Arena Toshinden 1,2 cheats

battle arena toshinden 1,2 cheats


These codes are to be inserted at the main menu:

GIMMEJIM - Boss Code
VIRTUAL1 - First Person Perspective. It's like Doom holding a sword, shooting fireballs and jumping in the while twisting
LIFEISUNFAIR - Special Moves #Keys. Not been tested


First off, the sequel to Battle Arena Toshinden, BTA 2 contains 4 extra playable fighters. 2 are bosses and the others are secret fighters. They are Vermillion, Sho, Master and Uranus respectively.

1. To access Master and Uranus, press this combination very quickly as the words are coming from the left side of the screen. The best way to do it is to restart, and just after the screen goes blank, quickly press the combination below. Keep trying, coz it takes a while.

R1, L2, WK, L1, R2, SK -- U should hear a sound and the cursor turning blue to indicate that it worked.

2. To access Vermillion and Sho, do the code above first, then repeat the process with this combination instead.

SK, R2, L1, WK, L2, R1 -- U should also hear a sound, with the cursor turning from blue to red this time.

3. Ok, now that's done, start any type of game. Goto the "?" box and hold the taunt button to slow down the selection process. U should see their pictures there, so enjoy!


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