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battle beast cheats



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Battle Beast cheats

battle beast cheats

To use these codes you have to be looking at the Battle Beast order form. Then type in YOYOYO. A menu called Cheater will appear. Type in one of the codes listed here, then left-click on the Cheat button to activate it.

Cheat Code Result
AOFREOIO Grants access to all the bonus doors.
EATEE Beast morphing off.
EHRTRR Toggles flying off and on in the bonus rooms.
ERHNE Makes you fight all opponents.
ERHYHRLY Weakens Toadman.
ITIHFO Activates 2 out of 3 bouts
OAOAEIOA Engages auto-flying in the lab.
OFOVH Doubles bonus room time.
OIVNNFOF Activates tadpole attacks in the lab.
ORUFO God mode in bonus rooms.

To get to the secret rooms in each level, change your weapon by pressing B+B, then do as follows for each room:

Train Station: When you get there, whack the lantern with your weapon, then a suitcase will open. Go inside.
Sewer: Whack the three sticks of dynamite then stand back. The cover will open for you to go inside.
Abandoned Factory: Go all the way to the left, then whack the glass. Go into the opened pipe.
Saw Mill: Use the weapon to press the button on the left. Then go into the opened hole.
Boiler Room: Use your weapon to whack the mousetrap on the bottom level. Then go inside the dryer.
Junk Yard: Use the weapon to operate the crane. Then go directly under the giant magnet.
Toadman's lair: After you kill all the toads, whack the record player, and the Toadman will leave. The pipe organ should open up, revealing a secret entrance. You should follow this path, since this will be your last chance to get new ammunition or activate the special moves.

For invincibility in bonus rounds type: orufu
For Z-axis movement type: xus_d3
For special move type: hnitoh-12


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