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betrayal at krondor cheats



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Betrayal at Krondor cheats

betrayal at krondor cheats


These cheats are enough to get you through all the levels in the game. First, go into the overhead map and hold down the ALT-Right SHIFT and ~ (the tilde key) for three seconds. A chest will appear. It contains all the items needed to finish the chapter and an option to heal all characters. Combined this with these skip level codes and you'll win in no time.

Chapter 1: 6478
Chapter 2: 9216
Chapter 3: 7702
Chapter 4: 2132
Chapter 5: 5052
Chapter 6: 0680
Chapter 7: 0194
Chapter 8: 4743
Chapter 9: 9995

To gain Strength, get alot of Fadamor's Formula by the time you reach Chapter 6. In Chapter 6 on the way to Elvandar, there is a well which takes away your Fadamor's Formula and increases your Strength by 3 Points permanently. To get to it, follow the main road to Elvandar. Just before the road deadends, you should find the well using the Spyglass of Ishap. The Cheat is that when you use the well with Fadamor's Formula, it takes all of the Formula you have with you so that you can only do it once. But if you place all of the doses, except 1, of Fadamor's Formula in a bag next to the well, you can use the well; then go back and take another dose & use it all over again. Each time Owyn & Gorath's Strength increases by 3.


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