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dark forces 1, 2 cheats



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Dark Forces 1,2 cheats


dark forces cheats

Dark Forces

To get all weapons, infinity ammo, really fast shooting and be invincible type this LATERMINATE.

To get very small enemys type LAOZ.

To get all weapons type LAPOSTAL.

To be invincible type LAIMLAME.

To be able to crawl through small places type LABUG.

To walk up walls type LAPOGO.

NOTE: The codes LATERMINATE and LAOZ only work for the mac version of dark forces.

LAMAXOUT = Full Ammo, Shields, & Weapons. Plus all Items maxed out.
LAPOSTAL = Gives Full Weapons & Ammo. Also gives you a PowerUp.
LACDS = 1st use: Gives Full Map. 2nd use: Gives Full Map with Enemies, Objects, and Doors. 3rd use: Brings back normal Map.

LAREDLITE = Freezes time. Enemies won't die after you kill them unless this code is typed in again.

LABUG = Lets you squeeze through narrow passages & greatly reduces your size while crouching..

LAIMLAME = Invulnerability.
LAPOGO = Disables Height Checking.
LADATA = Gives coordinates.

LANTFH = Allows you to teleport to a level above or below the one your on. Use the brackets [ ] to go to different floors & when your red dot is over, press the code and you will be teleported there.

LARANDY = Gives you a Weapon Supercharge that increases the rate of fire for 50 seconds.

LASKIP = Allows successful level completion.
LAUNLOCK = Gives you All Keys & Objects.
LASECBASE = Warps you to the 1st Level.
LATALAY = Warps you to the 2nd level.
LASEWERS = Warps you to the 3rd level.
LATESTBASE = Warps you to the 4th level.
LAGROMAS = Warps you to the 5th level.
LADTENTION = Warps you to the 6th level.
LARAMSHED = Warps you to the 7th level.
LAROBOTICS = Warps you to the 8th level.
LANARSHADA = Warps you to the 9th level.
LAJABSHIP = Warps you to the 10th level.
LAIMPCITY = Warps you to the 11th level.
LAFUELSTAT = Warps you to the 12th level.
LAEXECUTOR = Warps you to the 13th level.
LAARC = Warps you to the 14th level.

Dark Forces 2

Press T and type:

Red5 :all weapons
jediwannabe on/off :invul on / off


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