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daytona cheats



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Daytona cheats


daytona cheats
Karaoke Mode:
Set number of laps in option screen to normal. Choose Arcade Mode. Select track while holding Up and Accelerate.

When you place high enough to enter initials use old sega titles, ex. O.R(Out Run) S.H(Space Harrier A.B(After Burner) O.R(Out Run). Try other initials, but remember to use 2 letters with a period between them.

Mirror Mode:
Choose PC Mode. At the track selection screen hold down SPACEBAR; the tracks will turn around. Keep SPACE held down and press accelerate.

Making The Tires Disappear in the demo:
Begin a game, enter the pit. When tires are off: press [ALT]+R. Let the demo run.

Time Lap Mode & Helicopter view:
Choose PC Mode. Choose a track. Hold down spacebar while selecting a car. Now you are in Time Lap mode. After finishing: choose Yes to watch the replay. Press F9 at any time to see the race from a helicopter view.

Draw 1st car closer:
At any point hold down the *6th* joypad button. Note: you NEED a 6-button controller pad.

While nearing the gambling machine bridge, press the 4th gamepad button three times. If you get 777 you will get 7 seconds extra; bar-bar-bar = 5 seconds extra.



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