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death in the caribbean walkthrough



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Death in the Caribbean walkthrough


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Specific instructions are enclosed in
quotes, so type what you see.

The object of this adventure is to
find a treasure chest. Start out with
"N","E","N","E","Get Wagon". Then "W",
"S","E","Get Rock","E","Open Box",
"Get Key", "N". You are now at the
anthill which you must plug up. So,
"Plug Hole", it asks you with what?
and you answer "Rock". Then "N", "Get
Ring". This is a magic ring which will
transport you from one place to another
if you have been to that place before.
(you can't go anywhere you haven't

Continue with "S","W","N","N","E".
Then "Drop Key". You are leaving the
key here for future use. Then "W","W",
"Get Shovel". You are in the graveyard.
Occasionally there is a ghost that
appears who will hide any of the items
you are carrying. If he does this,
then you will find the items here, but
you must dig the grave to get them.

Now go "E","N","W","Get Rope","S","W",
"Tie Rope", (it will say to what?),you
say "Tree", then "Tie Rope" again, to
"Wagon", and "Drop Wagon" and "Climb
Down", "Rope". You are at the bottom
of the cliff, so "Get Wagon", "W","S",
"S","Get Life-belt", "Wear Life-belt",

At this point it would be a good idea
to save game because you have to cross
the crevasse by jumping it and
occasionally you don't make it. Now
"Jump Crevasse","N","Look Sign", "Get
Corkscrew","N", "Get Bottle","S","S".
Then save game before trying the
crevasse again. Now "Jump Crevasse",
"S","W","W", "Read Printing" . There
is an incripted message on the base of
this monument which translates to
"Pyramid Marker Guards Buried Chest.
Excavate with Great Care".

Now go "N", then "Cross River". It
will ask in what? and you answer
"Wagon". Then it will ask you what do
you use as a paddle and you say
"Shovel". Now you are across the
river, so "Drop Life-belt", "Drop
Shovel", "Drop Ring", "Drop Bottle",
"N","E","E" "Get Amulet". This amulet
will keep the ghost from stealing your
goods, however, now that you no longer
have the wagon, you can only carry
four items, so you won't be able to
use it very much.

Continue with "E","E","S","Get
Lantern" "N","N","N","W","Get
Matches","S","W", "S","Drop Lantern",
"Drop Matches", "Get Bottle", "N","N".
You are now at the fog. At this point
you have to empty your wine bottle and
fill it with something you can use. So
"Open Bottle", "Spill Bottle". The fog
automatically fills the bottle so
"Close Bottle" to keep it in.
Then go "S","S", "Get Ring", "Get
Lantern", "Get Matches","Light
Matches","Light Lantern","Drop
Matches","Drop Amulet". Now you need
to use the ring to get back to the
church so "Rub Ring" and it will ask
you where you want to go. Answer
"Church". Then go "E", "Drop Ring",
"Get Key", "Unlock Door". It will say
with what? You say "Key".

You are inside the church, so go "S",
then "Look Music". Notice what key the
music is written in. Now go "N", "Open
Trapdoor","Go Down". You are in the
maze beneath the church. Go "W","N",
"W","N","N","E","S","E","N","W", S",
"E","Get Sword", "Drop Key". Then go
back with "W","N","E","S","W","N",

You are now in a room with a zombie.
This is where you use your bottle, so
"Open Bottle". At this point it tells
you the fog hides you so you can
escape. Continue with "N","N","N". You
are now out of the cave.

Now go "W","N","W","S","W","S","S",
"Get Shovel","Drop Lantern","N","N",
and you find yourself back at the fog.
Now use the sword to "Cut Fog". Then go
"N","E". You have found the pyramid
marker referred to in the message. So,
"Dig Carefully", "Unlock Chest". It
will say with what key? You answer
"G". (remember the key the music was
written in?). You have now opened the
chest and finished the adventure -


(Try to spell that...)


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