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deer hunter 1,2 cheats



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Deer Hunter 1,2 cheats


deer hunter 1,2 cheats

Deer Hunter

Enter these codes on the map screen of deer hunter.

dhbambi -shows where all deer are at all times.
dhstealth - deer can't see you
dhdoeinheat - will attract deer to you fast.
dhbuckdown - deer wont run away after you shoot
dhhunter -quiets the hunter
dhbigbuck -bigger bucks dhsportaxi -bigger dear
Dhfastgun -faster reload
dhmonsters -lures big dear

Note: If you kill a buck using these codes, the description in the trophy room will read CHEATED!

Deer Hunter 2

camera set fox# - Foxcam! Look through the fox's eyes. Used same way as deercam.
dh2tracker - Shows the deer on the map and GPS.
dh2shoot - Puts you in shooting range of nearest deer.
dh2deadeye - ArrowCam! Follows your shot to the target.
dh2honey - Attracts deer to your location.
dh2circle - Attaches you to a deer (?)
dh2sightin - Sights-in your weapon without Target Range.
dh2wright - Fly mode, 'nuff said.
dh2doolittle - You will not spook animals.
camera set deer1 - DeerCam! The number is for different deer.
camera set player - Look through the hunter's eyes. (?)
dh2flash - Makes you run very fast.
dh2supaflash - Makes you run very fast like the Bionic Man.
dh2thunder - Makes it thunder.
dh2light - Makes it lightning.
dh2rain - Makes it rain.
Dh2snow - Makes it snow.
dh2blizzard - Cycles weather more quickly.
dh2deerzilla - Giant deer. (?)
camera set crow# - Crowcam!


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