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die by the sword cheats



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Die By The Sword cheats


die by the sword cheats

Hold down F1 while playing the game and type...
(cont holding F1 while typing the code)

mukor -God mode
qsave -Quick Save
pause -Pause the game
frame -Screen Shot
golrg -Makes you real big ( try typing this a lot ! )
btiny -Shrinks You
tough -Difficulty Level
mecam -1st Person View
gocam -Stationary Cam
spcam -Enemy Cam
bamff -Sends you to the end level
gamma -Changes Gamma Level
dedly -Weapon Enhancer
sepku -Kills you


bills -Bill's demo type thing
ifall -Knocks you off you feet!!
hicup -Throws you around!!
silky -Stupid Monsters
lunar -Low Gravity
funky -Funky keys toggle
catch -Out of World Trapping Toggle
aiaim -Ai toggle
agrav -Limb gravity


bzone -WireFrame/Shading/Nothing/Normal
fpers -Shows "Sound Cache Misses"
goura -Gourad shading
ntrud -Selects An Enemy
plane -Shows Protection And Damage Points
nfade -Disable/Enable Pallate fading
gmode -Faster cycles ( makes everything go faster )
colid -Shows possible collision locations

you can add -god when running the main exe for god mode also.

Andre (troop)


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