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down in the dumps walkthrough



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Down in the Dumps walkthrough


down in the dumps walkthrough

Animated Adventure by PHILIPS



In every scenario, and before you do anything else, trip around to
all the locations picking up what you can (not all items are useful)
and seeing all the possibilities. Scour the screen carefully with
the hand icon, and be aware that sometimes the characters can
obscure important items.

There is more than one solution to the same problem, but I will give
you only one of them; you can always experiment for yourselves.
There are no end of red herrings.


Pick up the cheese, go up and up again. You need the rope. Come
down to where the weight is, use the rope on it, click on the slow
motion button, drop the cheese near the weight, pull the rope.
Watch what happens. In the new location, go down, pick up the post,
up left, get the thimble and the crayon. Use the crayon on the
post. Out, up right. Get all the pills, though you only need the
blue ones. Click on the toy. Inside the bottle, use the thimble on
the whisky, leave, use the post on the yoghurt tab and, when the bad
guy comes, use the various pills on the thimble and hand it to him
for a bit of fun. The blue pills knock him out and you get the item
you were after. Watch. End of this particular cartoon.


Go around all the locations, spotting and collecting items. You
need the curtain, the paint pot, the paint brush, the wooden stick,
the oil and the soap. You will need to push the TV set to get to a
trap door. Once you've got all these items, do the following. Go
outside where the moles have ruined the vegetables and use the oil
on the ground. When they come back, they slip and you get the bike
frame and the moles. Go inside, get into the lift and go up to the
third floor. Use the paint brush on the wall. Go through the hole
and you get into a dreary game. Save before you start. If you see
you are losing heavily, start again or you'll be at it forever -
next time you'll know some of the answers. You will win eventually
a fog horn. When you do, you'll be returned home. Go to the second
floor, where the washing machine is, and use the soap on the floor.
Use the fog horn and the nutter comes in and gets knocked out. Get
the washing machine to clean the blood stains. Now go and talk to
grandpa. He wants various things. Since you've got them all, nip
up to the 4th floor and start handing him items, such as the
curtain, the wooden stick, the bike frame and the moles. Watch.
That's this one finished.


Start by going into the castle and talking to the king (talk to the
secretary first); if you don't get the right answers, try all the
possibilities. Basically, you want him to tell you about Santa.
Out and go through the door to the right. Talk to the bad guy.
Out. Leave the castle and go "south". Get on the train and choose
the forest. To get across the pen you have to fight. Actually,
watch the guy and go left or right according to which way he turns
(you'll soon learn to go in the opposite direction to his).
Eventually you'll win, he'll embrace you and you can go into the
forest and become one of the merry men. Look inside the chest and
get what's inside. Leave and go to the station. This time, choose
the pond.

On arrival, go into the igloo and talk to the eskimo. Get the rod.
Out. Use the rod on the skating animals, you get the skates. Use
them on yourself. Watch. Inside the fish, click on the king and
he'll whistle you a tune. You have to reproduce that tune by
hitting the glands. Hit them in the following order: 53142. The
king's spell is broken and you get back to the pond. Enter the
igloo and get the eskimo's clothes. Go to the forest to join the
king. He tells you about a secret entrance to the castle. You can
look in the chest, if you like. Enter the hole under the tree and
go left. Save here because you'll have to be quick. Use the third
lever and a door will open. Go through it and upstairs. Look at
the chest - it's locked. Go through the balcony to the princess'
room. Let her kiss you and she will give you a key. Go through the
door and unlock the chest with the key. Watch.

After the herald tells you about the tournament, go left and grab
some candy. Move on and sign to join the tournament. Watch and
listen carefully to the instructions. It's just a matter of luck,
but keep an eye on the guy to the left (i.e., on the right of the
screen); if he has a piece of the body you have to construct, swap
it for one you don't need. Don't worry if you lose, you
automatically start again. Eventually you will win - watch what
happens. End of story.


This part is unnecessarily complicated because there are two
characters in play and it is difficult to decide which one is to
have which items or to do what. The first aim is to get both
characters onto the Bum. This can be done in various ways. First,
walk around to see what there is without picking anything up.

To get the boy up: get the girl to go to the left (up) and enter
the bag (in the screen with the can and not much else, before you
get to the bird chasing the maggot). Get her to take the cork. Go
back to the Bum's shoe, pick up the plank and the prospectus. Read
the prospectus and use the plank on the cork to set up a see-saw.
Now change to the boy, get him to pick up the spring where the pet
is and get him to sit on the see-saw. Change to the girl and climb
the other side of the see-saw. The boy gets thrown up above. Get
him to use the spring and he will leap onto the ear. Going down the
hole and talking to the spider (the word "audience" is the key) will
get him up on the scalp of the Bum.

To get the boy up: get him to pick up the pin-up and the balloon,
go to the pet in the water, use the pin-up on him, have him blow up
the balloon and then grab the balloon.

To get the girl up: have the boy pick up the matches from the bag
and get him to where the cannon is. Get him to shake hands with the
baddie. Have the girl enter the cannon. Back to the boy, get him
to pull the flower three times and then light the wick with the
matches. The girl gets shot onto the Bum. By the way, it's quite
fun to get the boy to use the matches in different locations.

To get the girl up: have her go into the bag and pick up the cotton
reel. Go to where the bird is and use the doll on the baddie. Talk
to Hubert and take him. Use the cotton reel on him. Get hold of
the bird. At the end of the sequence, have her use the maggot on
the head of the Bum.

Take your pick. Once they are up there, have the boy go all round
talking to everybody and taking the rattle, car and toy soldier; he
will also need the basketball to deal with the mother louse's house
guardian. You will have gathered that you need to neutralize the
cop and find an amplifier. When the boy has been everywhere, change
to the girl. Have the girl speak to the mother louse and then go to
the bar. Have the boy go to the bar and, in the presence of the
girl, hand to the baby the rattle, car and toy soldier. The girl
automatically retrieves the baby and takes him home, thereby getting
a tape of lullabies. Get her back to the bar.

Have her hand the tape to the boy (grab the tape and click with it
on the boy icon above the play screen). Have the boy go to the room
on the right and listen to the tape on the apparatus to the right.
Watch. At the end, grab the amplifier by the sobbing guy.

Take it to all the characters, including the Beastie with the
basketball and the grannies, and show it to them. Now go to the
room to the left of the grannies, where all the characters are
congregated. Look at the switch and put the chewing gum on the
floor (you can do this at any time during this cartoon, but only
looking at the amplifier to the left of the screen will give you the

Now talk to Elvis, show him the amplifier again and talk to Elvis
once more. Watch. At the end of the sequence, walk to the right.
You can now go down into the Bum's Ear. The girl will automatically
follow. Inside the dark room, have one of them work the winch (just
move the hand icon till you find something to activate). Have one
of the characters use the electric handshake on the monster with the
club. Now go back out the way you came in, in search of the ship's
part. The rest of the action is automatic. At the end, click on
the ship to find out what shape it's in. That's it. No finale, but
the end all the same.


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