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duke nukem 3d cheats



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Duke Nukem 3D cheats


duke nukem 3d cheats

To get past your current task in duke nukem 3d type "this site is crap"

God mode- kroz
Give all- stuff
Skip level- scotty30-12------90

DN UNLOCK =Unlocks all locked doors and opens all doors.

DNINFINITY = gives you unlimited ammo

DNLOTS = gives you unlimited ammo, jet packs, etc.

DNBARNEY = will change every bad guy to barney!

DNCORNHOLIO = Invulnerability. Restores health to 100%.

DNKROZ = Invulnerability. Restores health to 100%.

DNSTUFF = Gives you All Weapons, Ammo, Keys, Inventory Items, Armor, & Health.

DNITEMS = Gives you All Inventory Items & Keys.

DNSCOTTY### = Warps you to a specific leve. The 1st # is the Episode number & the 2nd # is always a zero & the 3rd # is the Level number.

DNCLIP = Allows you to walk through walls.

DNHYPER = Gives you Steroids and activating them in the process.

DNRATE = Shows actual frame rate (in frames per second) in upper
left hand corner of the screen.

DNVIEW = Same as F7. Allows you to play Duke with the view as if you were behind him.

DNCASHMAN = Allows you to press the Spacebar and throw dollar bills all over the place.

DNBETA = Displays the message "Pirates Suck!".

DNCOSMO = Displays the message "Register Cosmo today".

DNALLEN = Displays the message "Buy Major Stryker".

DNMONSTERS = Toggles the monsters ON/OFF.

DNINVENTORY = All Power-Ups.

DNWEAPONS = All Weapons & Full Ammo.

Use the DNCLIP cheat and walk through a mirror to enter the 4th Dimension.

In E1L1 after opening the movie screen curtains face the movie camera (upstairs in the theatre) and type DN1984 then watch the movie. It's supposed to be some commercial or something.

Also in E1L1 shoot the screen with an RPG and walk through the screen.



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