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expendable cheats



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Expendable cheats


expendable cheats
Launch the game with these command-line parameters
to activate cheat modes:
-mumford - Hodspodkins Mode
-whostayedlate - Rockhard Mode
-whostayedlateagain - EasterEgg Mode
"C:\Expend\go.exe" -whostayedlate
While in the game, you may enter these commands
followed by the "-" key on the numeric keypad:
Code Result
bod             Enable Cheat Mode
mrbenn          Skip Level
zippy           God Mode
bucketofchicken Behind View
babapapa        Extra Credits
crystaltips     Extra Life
dunky           Instant High Score
albertofrog     Grenade Power-Up
bing            Disable Cheat Mode

expendable cheats end


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