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G-Nome cheats



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G-Nome cheats


G-Nome cheats

Function: at computer menu, CTRL+F1. Type in cheat code Swiss Throat. This gives training mission sargent an Irish accent!

At the Mission computer press ctrl+F1 .

Then You can enter one or more of the following codes. All the codes are case sensitive !!! Correct codes will be confirmed by a beep.

Here are the codes:

Redtop Trod - Select all single player missions from the mission Menu. Half Libel - Activates Teleport key
Had A Nude On - Activates Invincibility key
Brass Clue - Activates Amunition Key
Mother Mourn Us - ???
Chaste Coed - View the end video sequences.
Rotted Drop - Activates Destroy Target
Horny Elk Leer - Activates all targets on radar key
O'Sarge - ???
Swiss Throat - ???
A Mere Fart - ???
A Scramble On - ???

In-Game-Keys :

CTRL+I - Activates Invinciblity
CTRL+Z - Refills ammo
CTRL+F - Destroy current target
CTRL+B - Teleport Behind Target
CTRL+P - All targets on radar



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