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goosebumps: attacks of the mutants cheats



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Goosebumps: Attacks of the Mutants cheats


goosebumps: attacks of the mutants cheats

Costume Parts
Logo- In the green house when you attempted to beat Rootwat. It's hidden in a maze.

Gloves- In the basement. When you find the key in the printing room, you can open up the basement. Go to the maze at the bottom. It is very tricky to find.

Belt- In the robot zone. You will find a gun here to take out all the robots. Go in the second door, and make leap jumps from platform to platform.

Boots- In Ice World. When Chinchilla blasts you into the freezer, look for an atom hidden in the cliffs. There is a hidden door on the left, holding the boots. You must make leaping jumps to get it.

Cool Mask - In the swamp where there are lots of toadies. You must beat the boss to get around here.

Cape - After killing Pinky with the fire hose, enter the elevator on the right. You will end up in a green labyrinthian zone. Somewhere in the halls there's a door. Inside is a cell door. Open the sarcophagus on the left wall, then quickly enter the cell to get the cape inside. There are more parts hidden in the game, good luck finding them!

Beating the Masked Mutant
When you enter the last level, switch to the guitar that shoots rapid bolts of electricity. When you turn to the right from where you start, an outnumbering gang of small brown monsters appear with the masked mutant. Use your guitar to take the little ones out.

The mutant will run away, yelling "get that kid!" Take a leaping jump over where he jumped. There will be two Dynas (one is a member of The League of Good Guys) on the other side. One will say "use these to work in your paintball blaster", and she will throw a pink bomb in front of you. The other one will throw a red bomb in front of you. Pick up the red one (if you pick up the pink one, it will explode in your face, and the fake Dyna laughs) and the fake Dyna turns into The Masked Mutant and laughs, then runs for his super cannon. Another monster appears. Take him out with your paintball blaster (now instead of paintballs, it shoots red bombs to kill it in one hit!) and jump onto the platforms. Keep taking leap jumps until you get to the mutant.

Then there is a scene where you are putting a scope on your blaster. Then you notice a giant canister of slime behind the mutant on his cannon. When a bullseye gos by, jump and shoot a bomb at it a few times. But be careful, the mutant will start shooting lasers at you. Jump over them. Kepp hitting the bullseye untill the slime blows up. Then there is a scene where the world is saved from the green beam. To really beat the game, you must find all the costume parts.


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